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Indigo Corners Oracle Card Deck

Indigo Corners Oracle Card Deck

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Indigo Corners® Oracle Card decks include 36 square color cards printed on quality card stock, full-color box and 44-page guidebook.  Each card can be read in four ways depending on the direction it is pulled. The title, theme, suggested chakra, element, herb, crystal + comprehensive message is fully outlined in the guidebook. 

I’ve photographed sacred spaces in my life over the past twenty years and have turned these into digital, radial images. Each photo has a unique meditative essence and acts like a map back to the parts of the self ready to be witnessed and integrated. Read the energy of your present moment. Validate the voice of your intuition. Receive guidance, clarity and compassion. Witness the magic of your connection to the universe. 


“I’m in LOVE with my gorgeous oracle cards from Steph Parrish!! I can just feel that they are infused with love and care. Such a perfect gift to lift your Spirit. Thank you, Steph for sharing your sacred gift with us.” Christina Caudill, Evolutionary Astrologer at Radiant Astrology

"I am so excited – I received my BEAUTIFUL Oracle card deck from Steph Parrish. Oh my, these cards are so so precious and powerful!! They are just Divine – I seriously just want to walk around holding them! I had a card reading from Steph last week with these and it was so powerful. She is such a beautiful conduit for the messages these cards share and these are her sacred creations, just magical! Thank you Steph for the blessing of these powerful cards. So much love to you!” Sherri Hayter, Sacred Artist at Creative Idealist

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