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FINAL CLEARANCE Mini-Mandala Oracle Card Deck

FINAL CLEARANCE Mini-Mandala Oracle Card Deck

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Mini-Mandala Oracle Card deck includes 36 cards, an 11×17 inch, 2-page folded instruction booklet (fits inside box) and an indigo velour carry pouch. The cards are miniature and square (2.56 x 2.56 inches) and fit perfectly into purses and pockets for travel. The included box is thick, black, paper-covered cardboard at about 3 x 3 inches. They are printed on high-quality, matte-finish card stock, put together by hand and energetically charged by Steph.

Mandala photo art designs radiate source energy. Decks provide guidance and clarity through a powerful, magical medium. Each image has a unique essence and theme, relating your experience to the space in the original photograph and emotion of the art. Each card has a title, theme, associated chakra, element, plant energy and message, written in entirely in the guidebook. 

Read the energy of your present moment. Validate the voice of your intuition. Expand your awareness through sensory exploration. Receive guidance, clarity and compassion. Witness the magic of your unique connection to the universe. Art has a soul. These mandalas are powerful, generous, loving and compassionate. They want nothing more than to serve and spread divine love to all they come in contact with. They are truly ascended beings of love and can’t wait to come live with and work with you. Read testimonials HERE

I’ve photographed sacred spaces in my life over the past 20 years and have turned these into radial, meditative American-made mandala images. Historically in Hinduism and Buddhism, a mandala is a meditative microcosm of the universe. Having studying and gratefully receiving healing from teachings of Buddhism, I was inspired by this concept as I realized each image I had created had a unique meditative essence as well as a story, theme and message from my experience and when read as an oracle card, acts like a map back to parts of the self and is used to assist healing through self-awareness and compassion. The designs are conceptual and of my own artistic creation and in no way attempt to recreate or copy traditional religious imagery. 

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