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Light Box Readings

Light Box Sessions 

Your loved ones who’ve passed on are safe and whole. They have crossed over their burdens of this life and are seeking to communicate their unconditional love to you. They have so much wisdom to share! May your heart be opened to receive these great teachings so you may thrive in the richness of your unique, most expansive life experience.

Sessions are deeply transformative, providing karmic and inter-generational lineage healing. Additionally, they provide awakening, validation, grounding and clarity on your soul's path. Areas of focus will be highlighted for you to grow quickly and efficiently forward.

All private online (via Zoom) or in-person sessions, at my North Seattle studio provide intimate discussion and channeled messages from Spirit guides, ancestors and loved ones, answers to specific questions, spiritual coaching, energetic consulting and guidance to compliment your messages.


I am a composite five-dimensional energy reader. I utilize all my senses, seen and unseen and have access to vast subconscious and subtle bodies of information. A lifelong study in the psychology of pattern and the boundaries between false personality and authentic being, combined with many years of working intimately with others on the spiritual path has formed a solid foundation for deep and compassionate recognition of what is true.


“I received a clear insight on what I have been feeling, it was great to get confirmation on what direction I should be going in and focus on. Steph you have enlightened me with your gifts and I am excited to work on my own gifts. Thank you SOOO much. I am so encouraged and I love that I have homework! All the best to you!!” Carletta Castillo, Owner of Dakota's Dog Washing Service


“I recommend this. I think the session provided insight and at the same time reinforced things I also know about myself. I felt like a weight was lifted when our session was finished. It provided positive reinforcement and also an emotional outlet. I was a bit skeptical about communicating with the deceased. It was overwhelming but I found peace with it at the same time. Thank you again. I am very happy you came into my life!” Amanda Wittmann

“Steph has a clear gift of insight. My son recently passed and she shared with me the message she received from him. It was spot on and in complete alignment with my truth. I was blown away and affirmed. I would recommend her to anyone seeking understanding or clarity.” Jaki McQuinston, Owner of The Creativity Loft


This is for you if: 

  • You wish to communicate with loved ones who have passed, including pets

  • You seek support and guidance from your guides and ancestors

  • You have specific questions and concerns regarding root issues, limiting beliefs and emotional block

  • You are seeking guidance on specific life questions in regards to relationships, health, business or money

  • You would like clarification on how your energetic health is affecting and connected to your physical health

  • You seek assistance choosing products for specific purposes

  • You wish to communicate with pets

  • You’re wanting to peel back the layers keeping you from radiance and authenticity

  • You would like assistance developing your unique intuitive skillset

  • You would like to learn to read energy

  • You’re looking for support as you take ownership of your intentions

  • You would like assistance learning to set stronger energetic boundaries

  • You are seeking clarity on your soul’s purpose and the way forward

  • You feel shaky in trusting your heart or intuition

  • You have forgotten how awesome you are

  • You want a hug from the universe

  • You feel called to work with me


1 hour / $225

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REFUND POLICY: To cancel or reschedule a private session, you can do so via the link in the confirmation email for your appointment or email me within 48 hours of your time slot, or 50% of your payment will be non-refundable. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

DISCLAIMER: Sessions are offered as support and guidance only. I do not foretell the future, or provide or supplement medical or mental health advice.