Indigo Corners®
Indigo Corners®

Intuitive Guidance Program

Intuitive Guidance Program

This package is a comprehensive introduction to self-work and understanding on a deeper level. Tools offer grounding and inspiration to achieve a stronger sense of self both within and in connection to your universe.

This partnership offers you:

  • Strategic energetic guidance and messages channeled directly from Spirit

  • Guided meditation, breath work and personal meditation practice establishment and assistance

  • Development and understanding of your own unique intuitive skillset

  • Learning to read and work with energy

  • Building a relationship with crystals, grids, pendulums and card reading skills

  • Learning about the power of the voice, the chakra system and using sound to heal energy

  • Shadow work by bringing the subconscious self to consciousness

  • Cultivating intuition through creative living

Portrait by Kiki Robinson

Portrait by Kiki Robinson

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to take on the challenge of diving deeper into self work and to uncover greater joy for life

  • You seek tools and gentle guidance for building a stronger relationship with your true self

  • Your curious about the “unseen” or your “spirit guides” and would like to develop a relationship that feels true to you

  • You are intuitive and want to learn more about reading energy but fear you might not know how or fear putting this part of yourself “out there”

  • You want to develop a personal meditation practice but don’t know how to begin or are seeking new tools

  • Your possibilities for your future feel limited or you struggle with a not-enough mentality

  • You experience lack of direction and/or lack of inspiration

  • You feel ungrounded, confused, overwhelmed or a bit lost

  • You have a deep inner knowing that there’s something else you need to do in life- a sense of purpose- but can’t quite access how to pull it off

  • You have a fear of not being worthy of your deepest desires- as if you haven’t worked hard enough, don’t deserve it, or experience imposter syndrome

  • Fun, joy and adventure may have fueled you in childhood or at points in life, but you feel disconnected from that sparkly sense of magic now

  • You feel burdened by others needs, opinions and judgements and the need to take care of others 

  • You rarely have time for or are not sure how to activate or materialize your own desires, needs and creative urges

  • You may struggle with trusting your intuition

  • Your self doubt stops you from moving forward in meeting your goals


✪x4, 1.5 hour comprehensive, interactive training, guidance and healing sessions for a total of 6 hours of face time with me within 10 weeks

✪Fully customized crystal set and grid kit with hand-selected pendulum and Indigo Corners® oracle card deck for practice reading

✪Transmission of sacred teachings and meditations

✪Custom homework, check-ins and follow up

✪Unique, affordable offers to continue ongoing guidance after completion of training



  • Expansive breakthroughs into an abundance mindset

  • Radiance and authentic connection with self

  • Opening to great magic and love everywhere in life

  • Established energetic boundaries

  • Listening to and trusting your deeper knowing

  • Finding clarity on your soul’s purpose and highlighting the way forward

  • Ability to connect on your own with your guides in the unseen

  • Ability to read energy personally and/or professionally for others


“Steph gave me my life back. My time with her has been powerful and transformative. I’ve experienced breakthroughs and enlightenment. 

I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me in such a short amount of time. She was able to give me answers and guidance that resulted in healing and inner peace. She connected me to loved ones that I miss so dearly. Steph gave me clarity and purpose in this life.

She has a talent and gifts that are exceptionally unique. I encourage anyone seeking answers to life and the universe to see Steph. I’m so grateful for meeting her and very excited about my future.”
Anna Onewein

✪ 30 minutes - Complimentary Consultation Call

Schedule a time to connect and see if working together in a longer term capacity would be a good fit. $50 deposit required to hold time slot.

Deposit added to payment of program or fully refunded post session if you choose not to book.