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Ancestor Altar Boxes

  • The Creativity Loft 1539 NE 177TH St, Suite D Shoreline, WA 98115 USA (map)

Intuitive Medium, Steph Parrish and Ancestral Diviner, Sarai Schneider combine their respective gifts to bring you this unique creative and intuitive collaboration.

We all walk in the world with our Ancestors by our side. We have come to know our Ancestors as those who have passed on to the otherworld. Some of them we know by name, others we do not. Some of them are our direct relations; some are those that feel more like family than our own.

When we create an altar of this kind it becomes a gateway. The Ancestors are calling us to meet them there. It is a place to honor the ones who came before us, to learn from them, to heal. It can create opportunities to deepen the connection to our own lineage. We would not be here or who we are without them. This is an invitation to experience your Ancestors in a new way.

When the world around us feels in an intense state of chaos, such an altar can be a place of grounding and peace. A place to put our hearts. It is an important time to build places of grounding, connection, and trust. To cultivate intuition, to create places to receive love, sweetness and wisdom.

Altars can be a place to:

  • Meditate, ground

  • Ask for guidance, assistance, strength, inspiration

  • Pray, for ourselves or others

  • To set our goals and intentions

  • To weep, cry, grieve

  • To rejoice, celebrate

  • To charge sacred items, engage in ritual, shamanic journey work

Altars are sacred portals to the divine. They are active, alive. They can be our personal power spot to cultivate our relationship to ourselves and to spirit.

Sarai and Steph will facilitate communication with the unseen to gather messages and deliver guidance to the group on the path forward.

Each participant will leave with a sense of support and witnessing from the beyond, as well as a unique crafted shadowbox, honoring someone special in their life who is no longer in the physical.

*When considering which Ancestor(s) you will be creating this sacred container for, keep in mind that ancestors do not necessarily have to be blood relatives. They can be anyone you had a close bond with in this lifetime. You may want to create a box to honor someone who was very dear to you, to initiate a relationship for someone you wish you had known, or for someone you would like to heal a challenging relationship with.

Together we will:

  • Open the space with a Shamanic Invocation and receive a message from the Ancestors

  • Journey to connect with and initiate a relationship with one (or more) of your ancestors or loved ones

  • Receive guidance and messages from the unseen

  • Create one or more altar shadowboxes for you to take home

What we’ll be covering:

  • How to begin nurturing a relationship with your Ancestors

  • The importance of offerings, how to tend to your altar

  • Creating language, finding your way

  • Opening your own unique channel to intuitive guidance from the beyond

  • Intentionally creating ritual space

  • How the process of making is organically connected to healing

Please Bring:

  • A photo/s of your ancestors ( Please note: only ancestors and deceased loved ones, no photos with anyone still living), they do not have to be blood related

  • A biodegradable offering for the ancestors in the form of food, sweets, flowers and/or alcohol/beverage of choice

  • A journal and pen. A lot of information will be shared! Blank paper will be provided if you don’t have a journal

  • A shoe box, pencil box or shadow box (you can get them online, craft stores or frame shops and may choose to make more than one)

  • Photos of loved ones who have crossed over (bring as many as you like)

  • Items for your shadowbox: items that belonged to an ancestor, or that reminds you of them, any special objects, miniatures, craft store items, crystals, cards or momentos you would like to use in your shadowbox

  • Additional art or craft supplies like wallpaper for your box either for you or to share, are welcome (you are not obligated to share any items you bring)

  • One box per ancestor or deceased loved one

Art and craft supplies will be available (glitter, paint, glue, stamps, scissors, photo corners, pens).

SARAI SCHNEIDER has been active in the healing arts since 2001. Having studied for 2 years with Malidoma Some Phd, (Dagara Elder, Shaman, and author) in 2007 she is passionate about connecting people with the wisdom of their Ancestors and helping to heal the wounds of the past so they may live a brighter future. Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and Shamballa Reiki practitioner, Therapeutic and Prenatal Massage therapist with 15 years of experience, service, and dedication.

STEPH PARRISH is an Intuitive Medium and creative. She has trained extensively in spiritual studies of many lineages, including Fourth Way, Zen, Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui and Sufism. She brings her experience as a performing artist, photographer, herbal apprentice and 20 years of working intimately with humans in a kaleidoscope of professional spaces to her healing work. She is the creator of the Indigo Corners® Oracle card deck and offers workshops, private readings and intuitive coaching and healing services.


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