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Illuminate Your Intuition (monthly workshop)

  • The Creativity Loft 1539 Northeast 177th Street Seattle, WA, 98155 United States (map)

Are you highly sensitive? Do you know you have gifts and are ready to explore them? This monthly workshop series is interactive, creative, fun, inspired and magical. Meet and engage with others like you and broaden your awareness through intuitive exercises and collaborative effort.

In this group class we will:

*Discover and strengthen your psychic skills

*Read energy for yourself and others

*Connect with the unseen realms through meditation

*Investigate tools and techniques to enhance your intuition

Tapping into our subconscious and high selves holds and reveals valuable information about our shared humanity, struggles and desires, intentions and path forward. Do you remember who you really are? What do you know deep down, to be true? All the answers are already inside us. We come together to better understand how to listen with more of our senses and more of our selves, so that we may use our intuitive gifts to serve our communities and our planet.


Hi Seattle-area friends! I’ve expanded this class at The Creativity Loft to a monthly workshop on intuitive knowledge. On Saturday December 29, we will be using collage to make and read our own Oracle cards at The Creativity Loft in Shoreline from 1-3pm.


In upcoming classes, we will make intuitive art, experience guided meditation and cover everything from how to set energetic boundaries and stay grounded to discovering the chakra system and how to balance it, to astrology, moon phases, elements and seasonal changes, to how to communicate with the spirits of plants and trees all around us here in Seattle and other topics for energetically sensitive folks.

You don’t have to identify as “sensitive” to attend. This ongoing workshop is for you if you are seeking self knowledge, self-awareness, greater confidence, deeper connection with your community, greater ease, inspiration, magic and excitement and/or are in the process of healing, and seeking compassion and wisdom on your journey.

I welcome all to join in this fun investigation of the magic that is always within and surrounding us. Life is truly a wild, colorful, deep and beautiful ride and can be an enhanced experience to share and enjoy as we create it together.

Join us to tap into your subconscious and leave with a deeper feeling of connection, validation and readiness to create your life with intention and inspiration.

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