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Photo Portraits

Essence Portraits 

As a seer, seeker and healer, I tune into your essence with intention to bring it through your images. These sessions are an energetic collaboration.

When you light up in authenticity, your pictures draw others in and reveal the quality of your unique truth back to the viewer.

Whether for your website or your personal photo album, these photos are for you to take with you on the path, so you may always look back and see yourself.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Photography, have been taking pictures professionally for 15 years and have been relied on as the photographer in social settings, as far back as I can remember.

Michele Trump, Health Coach, Bodyworker at  Vital Roots

Michele Trump, Health Coach, Bodyworker at Vital Roots

This is for you if: 

Rebecca Parrish , Yoga Instructor, Counselor

Rebecca Parrish, Yoga Instructor, Counselor

  • You are a healer, energy worker, reiki master, coach, yoga teacher, or otherwise engaged in body, mind, spirit work.

  • You are a passionate entrepreneur, creative, musician or artist.

  • You would like to capture the energy that you compassionately channel to clients, on camera.

  • You love being in nature and want your photos to reflect your communion with the landscape.

  • You want to have images that reflect the real you, not the masks you’ve worn in the past or to please others.

  • You know that beauty lies in authenticity and in your being, not only in your physical reflection.

Michele Trump, Health Coach, Bodyworker at  Vital Roots

“Steph brings creativity, insight, presence and professionalism to her work, which helped me to feel more at ease and centered during our photo shoot. Throughout the whole process of collaborating, she was in tune with me, took the time to get to know my business, my brand, and beautifully captured the vision I had, while also inspiring a sincere expression of myself. I am in awe of her skillfulness and deeply grateful for the high quality photos I now have for my website and more. Thank you Steph!” 

Michele Trump, Health Coach, Bodyworker at Vital Roots


“Steph has a unique ability to connect openly and authentically with everyone she meets. She truly cares about the intention behind the images and captured me in a way that is both natural and magnetic. During the shoot, she helped me tap into a more authentic and joyful part of myself, and the photos really communicate this. I also appreciate that she stands by her work. She was tenacious about getting shots that we would both be happy with. This is a testament to her integrity and thoroughness. If you are looking for someone to capture you in a way that feels authentic and aspirational at once, Steph is it.” Lynda Lopez, Consultant, Coach at Live by Design


“Being a model for professional photos when you’re not a model isn’t easy. Steph is amazing! She put me at ease and I was relaxed and even dare I say it, had fun! She made it easy and I ended up with great photos. I highly recommend her.” Rebecca Parrish Yoga Instructor, Counselor

Investment and Details

Essence Portraits ✪ 90 minute shoot / $699 / 3-4 outfits / Includes 25+ edited images and rights

Essence Portraits ✪ 60 minute shoot / $550 / 1-2 outfits /Includes 10-20 edited images and rights

Essence Portraits ✪ 30 minute shoot / $350 / 1 outfit / Includes 5-10 edited images and rights

Book Your Appointment

50% is due at booking. 50% is due day-of shoot. Payment in full up front is also accepted.

In the winter months, shoots are by appointment only.

Contact me in the form below with the intentions for your shoot and available dates.

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I don’t know what to wear. Can you assist?

Yes! We will figure out all the details together. I recommend thinking ‘special occasion’. What do you have in your closet that sparkles but doesn’t seem to fit a particular event? Perhaps you have a few pieces that seem borderline costume. Keep in mind that the clothes that look great on camera may not be clothes you would normally wear. Think chunky statement pieces and jewelry that pops. In Seattle, dressing up is often a luxury. This is the time for that luxury. Remember, you are dressing to meet YOURSELF, not someone else. So think about how you FEEL in your best dress or the dress that you want to wear but don’t allow yourself to. This isn’t about heels and nails to hit the club. This is preparing to meet your higher self. Dress with this intention.You can text me pics of what you’re thinking and I’ll help you decide, based on your intentions for the shoot and specific fabrics, lines, colors and styles that work best with the environment we’ll be visiting. I am well connected with a talented and experienced stylist who we can contact, if you’d like to consult with her. This service is booked separately and not included in my rate.

Do you do hair and makeup?

You look absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup. Less is more. Too much makeup can come across looking awkward in the editing process. If you feel comfortable doing your hair and makeup yourself, please do. If you have limp, thin or fly-away hair, applying a little heat with a curling iron can really make a difference. If you would like to step it up, a blowout or styled service at your local salon can be booked before our shoot. I can assist you with makeup choices if you aren’t sure which direction to take or we can make some calls to professionals. I can make referrals but this service is booked separately and not included in my rate.

Which locations will we take pictures at?

It’s up to you! Seattle-area beaches, parks and beautiful outdoor locations are my favorite. Which places do you love to visit? Where’s your sacred spot? Where do you feel most alive? Most yourself? If it’s at home, we can shoot in your private sacred space.

When do I receive my images?

Your pictures will be edited and delivered via an electronic link to download within 10 days of your shoot. You must download and protect your images upon receipt. I do not keep copies of originals for longer than 30 days.

What’s your cancellation policy?

To cancel or reschedule a portrait session, email me within 48 hours of your time slot, or your deposit will be non-refundable. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

What’s your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for shoots. If you are dissatisfied with your images, please let me know and we can discuss options to remedy the situation.