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Indigo Corners™


Make Your Mythology with Cards✩Crystals✩Symbols

Make Your Mythology with Cards✩Crystals✩Symbols


Date TBA

✩Join a sacred circle of light warriors as we explore our unique intuitive knowing and creative genius.

  • Read and feel energy
  • Work with pendulums and oracle cards
  • Create a crystal grid altar
  • Call in spirit guides
  • Communicate with crystals
  • Amplify empowerment and magic
  • Learn ritual, blessing techniques and creative meditations 
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Materials will be provided to use in class. If you have them, please feel free to bring your own pendulum and a small collection of sacred objects (crystals/gems, feathers, art, carvings, statues etc).

Sliding Scale offered for special circumstances, contact me for details

This class is for you if...

  • You are seeking and cultivating sacred community 
  • You are curious about metaphysics and would like more knowledge
  • You are a beginning, moderate or advanced practitioner of energy work and/or meditation
  • You collect crystals, gems and other sacred objects
  • You desire new techniques for bridging creativity and intuition
  • You want to more fully remember your infinite wisdom and see how your inner magic equals outer magic

*Refunds are offered the first 48 hours of booking only. If you are unable to make it due to emergency, you will receive a credit for the next class offered.