Indigo Corners®
Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Pisces ☾ Baby steps



We want so desperately to live in wholeness but we must remember that each obstacle on the path to expansion offers us more of it. Obstacles ARE the way! And our desperation is an obstacle. Let us seek to understand this.

Let us stop, before choosing next steps and first find compassion within. If we do not have this need met, the universe will continue delivering us ways in which to break through to it. Can we welcome these?  Can we see them as necessary patterns to break apart with love? Can we hold our hearts open and observe our obsessions and compulsions without judgement? 

There is space in between the automatic movements to still our motion and really dig into our why, BEFORE responding. Let us see these opportunities and take them.

There is always opportunity to see more on the inside. Now is the time to take on the challenge. Let us let go of bigger picture worries and focus on where we can choose differently, in the little moments. These add up and they MATTER. We have been taught that we are trying to get somewhere other than where we already are. This is false and we must each work to deconstruct this deep, cultural belief that has become embedded in our consciousness.

Celebrating ourselves in the now is mandatory. We cannot wait until we’re better, improved, healthier, etc to dance from joy or commune with nature. The plant spirits and our spirits hugely benefit from this connection. There is ancient magick hidden within the realm of trees. The secrets of the star systems will be revealed here so find your favorite tree and hug it, sit in it or underneath it, lean up against it and LISTEN.

Our vitality needs our attention. Our creativity needs our attention. Our sensuality needs our attention. Our self needs our self to love it to death. See yourself in all things. Become one with YOU. Let everything else follow.

Stephanie Marie Parrish