Indigo Corners®
Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Aquarius Solar Eclipse ☾ Laid to rest


Cards: Flower Crown/FREEDOM, Dream Cycle/TRANSITION, Big Storm/ATTACHMENT

Transformation requires rest. Change offers pause. The wrinkle in time this week gives us space to embrace and choose what is coming next. Walk through the doorway of what is being offered willingly and the pause becomes what is needed, rather than additional drain.

Big shifts have shifted. What has lain to rest needs to rest. Stand down the fight, if called to resist. Allow what is to float by and away. Now is not the time to struggle if the struggle is not with the intention to let go and become. 

Moving on requires forward motion and acceleration. Do not grasp at what is gone. Watch for judgement, assumption and projection to get right up in your way of exposing the truth, wrestling with the truth, seeing, understanding and forgiving the truth.

The truth needs your forgiveness and your acceptance. The truth needs all of us to stare our own demons squarely in the face, to step up to fear, to habit and unconscious pattern and say NO. Keep concentrated on what we can achieve and become, not what we think is lost. Nothing is ever lost. And no effort at becoming ever goes unnoticed. 

We have everything we need inside our hearts. We are whole, full and radiant as we are. Let the light shine through, folks! Don’t back away slowly. Don't bolt right when things are getting heated. Let that old shit be cooked off the way it needs to. Let the meat fall off the bone. See the opportunity to grow. Be bold and stand in your knowing. Do not abandon ship. Stay the course. Set the big boundary. In the long run, the work will all be worth it. God will not disappoint.

Stephanie Marie Parrish