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Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Full Super Moon Eclipse in Leo ☾ Time for Truth


Cards: Earth Sanctuary/GROUNDING, Snow Lamp/INTIMACY, Dream Cycle/TRANSITION

As it turns out, time is not linear like we may have once perceived. But even when bending it, we must walk forward with laser-sharp intention and not waste any more of our precious, beloved minutes. We must learn to respect and carry great gratitude for this container called time of which we live within. What has been done may not be undone but it surely can be resolved. There is nothing that cannot be healed with time, if we allow our perception of it to unravel and the truth of our experience to surface. What is true cannot be denied. It is the excavation, the witnessing, the speaking up about, the knowing and the demonstrating of what is true which allows that which opposes it to transform. 

We are left with nothing but truth and we are responsible to it. There is no more room for conniving, manipulating, running and hiding from self. We must show up and say what needs to be said. Our needs must be met. Our light must shine. There is no other way. Let us ground down deep into this certainty and get to know ourselves for the win. Let us pause as we sink into what is truly ours: both our work; and the revelation of what is not. Now is the time to rise in full. Now is the time to celebrate who we really are. Now is the time to let go of all of what we've held onto so tightly for so long. 

What is worn out must be tossed. The boundaries for our future success must be set. The path must be paved, if we are to reach our destination in due time, intact and ready for the next leg of the journey. And let's not fool ourselves. The journey is long and the mountains are full of treacherous weather and dangerous conditions. But lions, tigers and bears are no match for one who knows their own truth and is willing to climb for it, defend it, honor and uphold it. So go now. And do not, for another second, look back. 

Stephanie Marie Parrish