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Indigo Corners®

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'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Full Moon in Pisces ☾ Sacred is not separate

I find freedom on the long highway of forgiveness

Mandala Medicine Cards: Long Highway/PATIENCE, Flower Crown/FREEDOM, Gentle Dream/FORGIVENESS 

Mandala Medicine Cards: Long Highway/PATIENCE, Flower Crown/FREEDOM, Gentle Dream/FORGIVENESS 

Our thinking mind has been highly activated this Virgo season so staying mindful of racing thoughts and impulsively is paramount. Trying to create every inspirational project or idea is impossible and not the best use of our time so make lists, take time to think things through and be strategic instead of plunging too much weight into the boat and risking it sinking. 

Let us use the resources we have and not over complicate, over exert or over commit. Let spirit show up and do it’s job in co-creation and divine timing so we maximize our efforts. Short-term memory may be affected and we may find ourselves having ‘duh’ moments, overlapped with extreme bursts of fiery, creative focus. This has been in effect this entire eclipse season, as we are in a time of integration toward wholeness. It is wise to allow space for the energies to move about and settle of their own accord. We may or may not be able to limit our experience of this chaos so let’s stay out of control and corral and instead release and allow. All is well in acceptance of what is. When in doubt or really whenever is possible, sit in the dirt! Mother earth loves us in ways we cannot fully comprehend. She cherishes each moment we spend with her in presence. 

In terms of our relationships with others and the collective, we must stay true to our own knowing or else we risk getting lost in a sea of opinions. This is a key boundary to set for oneself, one’s sanity and ability to serve. This does not mean not to listen to, honor the truth of others or hold sacred space for all points of view. Disagreement is inevitable and can be navigated with prayer, receptivity and the calling of God’s grace to support all parties. If we are feeling attacked, we must know our limit and pick our battles, so to speak. Where are we being helpful and where are we being righteous? Which conversations are worth having? Our approach matters and when in doubt, it is best to pause before speaking. Peace is a thing we are meant to keep. Silence from fear or apathy however, is not. 

Our wounds and traumas are sacred. Taking space and time out for healing is imperative. Let us please treat ourselves and others bearing this is mind. If we blame each other over and over again for our pain, we end up in a revolving door of distraction, a place where no one is released from the drainage of shame, imperfection and the stalemate of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Continue observing in self what is opinion and reaction based on limited belief and seeing and what is truth and in alignment with spirit. Hint: love and loving energies always point the way. 

Illusions of feeling bad, wrong, imperfect, isolated and left out are on the surface. Watch our need for perfection and needing everything to be known and lined up accordingly. Life will continue to unfold with shock and awe, in all sorts of ways. This is not something to fear but rather to become part of this unfolding. Let us step into the way things are presented from spirit with a trusting heart, giving up our mental anguish by knowing that God is here with us and we are of God. Let us focus on what is working, what can be done and how we can really step into being present for one another. Presence in the face of pain heals and brings together.

We are created from the earth and space and all the things in between. We are not separate from the golden light of the sun, although many days out of the week, month or year we may forget this. Let us just practice our remembering of unity and closeness to the wonders of this realm, as both the light and darkness hold many gifts and mysteries. If we stop holding so tight to the little bits, perhaps we can suddenly become aware of the bigger picture and all the miracles in places both mundane and magical.