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Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Sagittarius ☾ From the head to the heart

Cards: Moon Orb/FAITH, Electric Field/POWER, Pretty Lights/GRATITUDE

Cards: Moon Orb/FAITH, Electric Field/POWER, Pretty Lights/GRATITUDE

All roads lead to this now. And oh what a now it is! The pull into the galactic center and solstice is bridging micro and macro and bringing bigger picture details from past downloads into the light of day. The bits that have been hidden are under the microscope of revelation and the bold brightness of our way forward is lit up and undeniable. Although we may not yet see the unknown, we can feel into what has arrived energetically and begin to incorporate how it might shape our future. 

Contrast is a mirror. Many of us may feel polarized between dramatic states of rising and falling, connection and separation. But this only goes to show how close these states actually are. The bigger picture highlighted by the galactic center and time of year can allow those of us on the downswing to see the pattern of the swinging in order to detach from it. The magnetic forces that may keep us feeling weighted to mechanism can show us their limitation by way of this new perspective. If we find ourselves feeling limited and exhausted, let us take solace in the knowing of this greater awareness. All is well, even when we feel unwell. Let us seek a deeper understanding of our shadow. Let us push the pendulum to it's brink so that it may break. When it breaks free from it's swinging, we surrender and peace is naturally made with where we are at. 

If we have been in a holding pattern, our reality may have recently and dramatically jumped forward. Time is bendable and during this retrograde period we have experienced new force to work with such malleability. Synchronicity has been exponentially heightened and connections made can be the outlines to color in for years to come. As foundations form and bones are set in place, we must understand that with new beginnings come new responsibility, both to self and to other. But in this new space we may rejoice in celebration WHILE tending to the work it will take to build muscle, flesh, vein and to keep blood pumping through the heart along the way. 

A life of full heart requires self-discipline and structure AND joy and flexibility. The heart and the mind are seeking to know each other and once united cannot be divided. Let us bring this awareness into our activities, using the closing of this gap as a new mechanism to work from, to achieve from, to settle into. As Saturn moves into Capricorn, we will need to accept both ways of being as integral to success over the next several years.

The direction we take now holds consequence so let us be carried, rather than scurrying. There is no need to act, choose or move forward from fear. Let us have the courage to make our mark and take our aim from a state of loving vibration. If we cannot access this state, let us love and accept the state we are in. These actions are the same so no love is ever lost and if we are in shadow, let us remember that our counterpart, our hope and our savior is the light. We can look forward to and call this in. 

Gratitude is required here. Let us learn this practice deep inside our hearts. Let us lead and live with this prayer at the forefront of every intention we set, every relationship we forge, every activity we take on. This is cornerstone truth and will serve us into the beyond, into the ways in which we cannot see, into embracing all of what is not yet known. Bring it on. Welcome it. Celebrate it. Love it with every cell. 

Stephanie Marie Parrish