Indigo Corners®
Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Full Moon in Aries ☾ Nature is a balancing act

Make aware the subconscious self so expansion and unity can occur

Cards: Pink Canopy/EXPANSION (where we are), Twin Ponds/RELATIONSHIP (where we're going), Subconscious Pool/BALANCE (what we need to focus on to get where we're going)

Cards: Pink Canopy/EXPANSION (where we are), Twin Ponds/RELATIONSHIP (where we're going), Subconscious Pool/BALANCE (what we need to focus on to get where we're going)

As the new moon in Virgo highlighted our deepest wounding, addictions, obsessions and other control patterns, we are now in the full moon throws of releasing old pains and holding space for the grieving, renewal, blessings and facings that must bear witness to such immense growth and pain. Let us no longer hold on to what doesn't serve us while leaving space for the trace elements of these memories and past selves to dissolve of their own accord. Grief has it's own life and repressing deep loss, shame and sadness will only elongate the necessary process of healing. There is a way to allow for these wounds to live with us without regarding them as higher power. We must attempt to bring the wisdom and infinite blessings of the divine in to help, less we continue stuck in an old revolving door of should's, regrets and perceived losses. 

The path to giving up our small self is a difficult one, full of missteps and failures. Yet now is the time to rise up and see all of these as a perfect part of our path and in this way, great success. These paved the way toward our inevitable growth and were absolutely necessary to experience. Can we step aside our preferences and wishes to see the truth of what is? If we cannot, the universe will keep stripping away falsities until we can. This is the only way and the hard, real work of this life. Let us look forward to and grateful for this work. The more we strip away, the more grateful we become. If we are not yet able to find gratitude, we have not yet fully processed and this is a perfectly okay place to be.

Spirit is prepping us for a life of service, community, unity and oneness so that we may continue to live on and with our planet. To reach harmony, our small selves must die. This is not just a figurative process. Transformation is cellular and requires courage in the face of our deepest fears and ugliest pain. Sacrifice in this way is an absolute and we must choose to strip off the layers that bind us from raw love. There is no other way and this is the hard, real work of this life. 

So how do we bring the divine in to help? Do we push or do we pull? Working with the great unseen forces sometimes requires delicate receptivity and sometimes a powerful, ancient, gut-heaving roar. This discernment and sensitivity to balance is part of our self work. No way is wrong as all paths lead to greater growth and the process is what we're here to do, not the invisible endpoint where the gold lies underneath some elusive mirage. 

When in doubt, Spirit always lies within the heart space and in breath, our very life force. As I've been reading "The Surrender Experiment" by Michael Singer, I have been using his reference to the invisible hand that guides us as a way to connect with the sensory experience of this phenomenon. Where does divinity feel alive in each of our bodies? How do we know we are in communion? This is our practice. 

From a receptive standpoint in this struggle, we need not try so hard. Coming into our own is effortless. Coming together is effortless. Loving what we have is easy when we remember to BE rather than do. We are enough. We are always enough, even when we think we have nothing. 

Our human condition is one of suffering. In this we share truth. We can become in this truth by holding hands with what is happening and what will be to come. We can witness, grieve, shed, breathe, love and welcome. We can break, burn, allow, surrender, breathe and embrace. In the end, our only real choice is to accept. We will struggle until we fully realize this truth and can allow ourselves to stand in it as one. 

From an active standpoint, how we do anything is how we do everything. Where are we when we walk our dogs, eat our food, drive our cars, head to work? Do we really listen when someone is speaking? Who knows what bounty may come from these seemingly mundane gifts. How do things unfold in life when we surrender to what is in the now? 

in this way, each move we make matters and only we have the capacity to motivate ourselves to better understand this. Only we can discipline ourselves. If we are not ready to say or do something, let us not say or do until we are directed by an intuitive knowing that the time is right. We will know this when we know this and will not have to force it. The same is true for relationships and partnerships of all sorts. Let us allow for each union to others, objects and experiences flow through us in their own time, not in the time that we devise they should be happening in. This is not an attempt at perfectionism but a practice of mindfulness.

How do we activate this awareness if we have forgotten it? We must learn to push and pull until we have a greater understanding of ourselves. We must continue to practice and bear witness to it all. The work never stops and this in of itself is a great learning. In the acceptance of this very thing, we can find success! 

So let us do our very best to work with the great unseen forces. We will continue to break down the little bits of rust on our shells until we have no shells left and a more natural boundary of compassion for self and other can come into being. We will continue to break apart until we have learned that ease comes with surrender to something other than our small selves. 

We must begin to trust the vast and friendly Universe. Nature will get our attention one way or another so let us begin this work of our own fruition to lesson the many blows to come. The death of the small self is not easy but neither is a life of struggling against what is. ♡


Stephanie Marie Parrish