Indigo Corners®
Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Libra ☾ Love in action

To love in action, remedy the Self. 

Cards: Moon Tent/LOVE, Inflorescence/ACTION, Plant Medicine/REMEDY

Cards: Moon Tent/LOVE, Inflorescence/ACTION, Plant Medicine/REMEDY

To build the future self, we must come in to the present self and sit with the past self. We cannot destroy the pattern until we have learned to accept and be grateful for it in a very big way. To create anything, we must first appreciate destruction. Alchemy happens when we fully embrace, come together, LOVE. Life cannot be life without death. Each must accept that the other exists and this is our moment of opportunity. 

Each move we make, each decision and creative action makes a mark on our soul's map. The quality of our energetic state defines the quality of the marks we make so let us regard the nature of our state as our highest priority. This isn't about happy/sad, right/wrong, better/worse. This is about our allowance for 'what is'. On the spiritual path, this is setting constant intention to question what we think we know about 'what is'. This is setting a constant intention to better understand what truth is, what we may misunderstand about it, that ignorance DOES NOT know itself, therefore to always question what it is we think we know. 

In judgement, there is no truth. In the realm of right vs. wrong, there can be no justice. Justice and grace are served through God, not through pushing, blaming, competing, shaming, damning and shouldn't-ing. When we have the outcry of 'that shouldn't have happened', we only leave ourselves damned into blindness. When we point to others and say 'you should' or 'you shouldn't', we only point the finger at our own ignorance and inability to accept what is. Yet these actions, in of themselves are in divine perfection, simply because they are happening. There is no other. 

Let us simplify and come back to the truth that what is, is all there is. There is no missing piece, no thing to be vengeful for. This does not negate the truth of outrage and grief. Every single thing that has ever happened or been felt is held in a infinite matrix of fluidity and perfection that simply can not be understood unless we have experienced this for ourselves. Even then, we must questions what it is we think we know.

So instead of wasting our time in talk and lies, let us focus inward on what is true inside, on what is known and unknown. Our internal suffering needs our attention. Our rage needs our attention. Our broken, abused, sad and angry hearts need our attention. The map we have made is directing us home. We were always wearing the red shoes. Look down and seek those red shoes, that blue butterfly, that yellow line. And let all the madness, chaos and confusion be free and perfect, just as it is. 

Stephanie Marie Parrish