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Indigo Corners®

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'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo ☾ To NOT LOOK BACK

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Cards: Astral Call/PRAYER, Early Riser/ENERGY, Rain Forest/RESPONSIBILITY Crystals: smokey quartz and citrine for boundaries and taking responsibility for self ONLY.

Cards: Astral Call/PRAYER, Early Riser/ENERGY, Rain Forest/RESPONSIBILITY Crystals: smokey quartz and citrine for boundaries and taking responsibility for self ONLY.

The light doesn't fade away. It just moves in a different direction. Let us follow the path of light! What feels right to us? What is it that we want? And why do we spend our good energy on anything less? Let us take the path of self-discipline, self-preservation and self-love. No one is coming to save us. We are here to save ourselves! There is no shame in following a path of heart and finding it's taking us somewhere else. Trust. 

All experiences that aren't in alignment with our path are in a long and repetitious process of falling apart. This process is necessary for our growth. Growth is uncomfortable and often terrifying! We may feel ripped apart at the seams, lost, confused, angry, stubborn or in complete resistance. Just when we think we're done growing for awhile and can relax and stay in comfort, another wave of change roars through, tearing down the old structures, beliefs and assumptions. 

When this fear surfaces, let us run toward it! Let us do all the things we are afraid of as quickly as possible so we may become familiar with this new pattern of being. We may begin to see that the old is being stripped away so a new and more wonderful self and experience can be born. Stay positive and constructive. We won't be able to hear our guides if we are in self-doubt and feeling bad or resistant to what our intuition is telling us. If we can't hear our intuition, we must get quiet and stop acting until we come back to this inner knowing. This will halt the chaos and allow us to choose wisely. 

Let us take our power back by understanding we have chosen each and every path for a reason. We NEED the difficult experiences to really see what it is that we do want and how we have been hard on ourselves or not set boundaries and felt powerless by way of someone else. Although it's uncomfortable to take responsibility (without judgement!!!) for our agreements and actions, if we can witness how we've moved in the incorrect direction, we can use this to our advantage by taking it seriously, turning around and choosing a whole different path. The things that aren't working are a blessing to redirect us! So let us turn around with gratitude, ease and SELF-EMPOWERMENT. There are no "wrong" choices, just lessons in following the light. 

Let us find strength and empowerment in learning new tasks and releasing fears and patterns. For instance, if we've never changed a tire or the oil in the car, or cooked a certain type of meal, or rock climbed or if we are holding onto a relationship or experience that no longer feels good and right, let us use these lion energies to show ourselves how tough we really are and let go of the old and welcome in a new, stronger version of Self. 

These small practices are excellent ways of which to form new boundaries, both with self and others. When we feel strong and healthy, we can say NO when we mean it more easily. If we feel helpless and victimized, let us focus on these practices as stepping stones out of this lack mentality. It is a great time to act with intention in whatever form of self-power we can muster. If we are cleaning the table, let us clean it with gusto! Let whatever we are choosing to do and act upon, be done with a sense of our heads held high and intention in our movements. 

Fear is our ego's way of protecting us from the unknown but the unknown is all there is so let us use this to our advantage and welcome new adventures, knowing they will keep vying for attention and that resistance to the new is futile. If we receive the message that something is true for us, let us act quickly and with intention and to NOT LOOK BACK. The only way is through and forward.