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'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Gemini ☾ Finding security in wonder...

New Moon in Gemini - Finding security in wonder


The energy of this time asks us to do both: to meditate and celebrate with friends simultaneously; to push ourselves to be successful NOW; to be capable, charming and pleasing to others; to live in harmony with all our opposing parts and needs. This is an excellent time to look at where and how we are discerning, if we are putting our own needs first, if we taking care of ourselves and what we are focusing on when feeling pulled in several different directions.

These opposing forces can show up as a battle of 'resistance' vs. 'wonder'. One one hand: we may choose to rush ahead trying to get everything done quickly; we may force control of environment and outcome; or we may self-sabotage through high expectations, beating ourselves up and repeating old unhealthy behavior patterns because they are familiar. In this space, we fail to see the enormous and infinite power we do have in each moment to pause, slow down, observe our options, change our attitudes and perspectives and feel free without any of these needs being met. At our core, we need for nothing. And this is where we are being led.

On the flip side, if and when we are able to slow down, pause and witness our immediate surroundings, we may notice small miracles hidden within the folds of every single experience we have. Tears may flow freely while watching a sunset or listening to the breeze through the trees outside your window. We may take a slow breath and experience a sense of warm, tingling expansion in our chests. We may be battling what seems to be the worst day ever and look up to see the face of our grandmother in the clouds or look down and discover a perfect, inspirational message written on the sidewalk by some angel. We may hear and feel the whispers of "be here, be here, be here." This is the time to let the intimate details of your experience hold you softly. Pay attention to the stunning beauty of every difficult, crazy, ridiculous moment. Signs and truths will be revealed.

And what if nothing is secure? What if everything is secure by invoking this knowledge and living by this principle? We fight, run, hide, resist, struggle and force life to work the way we think it should and to organize itself into our rational thinking minds. If this future of perfection is in actuality, completely impossible, we must ask ourselves if we would choose differently today.

In this new moon, let us ask for complete surrender to inner struggles and old emotional toxins. Let us love old pain into love. Let us live in the worthiness of whatever moment we are in, without anger at or guilt with ourselves for 'should've known better'. Let us love our imperfect human experience exactly as it is: in all its fluster; confusion; chaos; and illusion. Let us sit mindfully with patience and receive all the blessings of taking pause and watching closely. Let us ask for all masks to be removed so that we may choose wisely and see clearly. Let us ask for forgiveness, support, strength and blessings of all kinds as we continue to face all the things we fear in ourselves. Let us awaken to the knowledge that on the other side of fear, there is truly nothing to fear at all.