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Full Moon in Virgo ☾ On self-improvement...

I hope this full moon energy is bringing consciousness to your emotional self. I know that as a recovering perfectionist, it has been a challenging time for me. I'm continuing the journey of learning to witness and show acceptance toward the parts of myself I "dislike". Just like anyone, I have the ability to blindly control, shame, manipulate and lie, as well as aching desires to be helpful, necessary, worthy, liked, successful, powerful, grounded, etc. These are human traits that live within each of us. We cannot will them away. We can only sit with them and attempt to show them it's okay for them to live within us. This can be a difficult and overwhelming practice.

Not only must we become aware of the ways in which we practice blindness and insanity but we must truly accept these shortcomings. No one part of ourselves is better than another, just as we are no better than anyone else. As "better" in of itself is an illusion perpetuated by one of our very own internal critics. And we have many.

The boundaries of what defines us as "good" people are slim. For the most part, we are supposed to be good citizens, work hard, show just enough heart on our sleeves to be well-liked in our communities but not too much emotion so that we appear unstable or worthy of shame, discipline our children enough so that they don't break down in public but not enough where we display rage or frustration toward them, show up on time and well-prepared, have enough money to pay for dinner but not so much that we separate ourselves from the collective, not make a scene, and generally stay in line looking sharp and answering questions with just enough pizazz.

There are of course, variations of this agreement, depending on your subculture but most ways you look at it, it's a tall order and one most us cannot fulfill completely and at all times.

I am not suggesting we become victims of society and feel stuck in these preconceived notions but rather challenge ourselves to edit the agreement we've signed. What happens when we have the breakdown and don't hate ourselves for it? What happens when we express an authentic emotion or statement without caring how it will be received? What happens when we just are who we are and we love ourselves anyway? My guess is something quite amazing happens but that is another story. One I hope each of you get to investigate and engage in.

Life is a mysterious, imperfect adventure. One filled with illusions, lessons and great discovery. The Grateful Dead summed it up quite perfectly with the lyric: "What a long, strange trip it's been".

If you are struggling with self-improvement and would like to explore inner work on a deeper level, I highly recommend speaking with my mentor, Molly Knight Forde. She offers free 30 minute "Discovery Sessions" so you have nothing to loose!

Your full moon in Virgo Mandala Oracle Card reading is below.



Emotions may be running high this Virgo full moon, especially if you are insistent on ‘getting it right’ or making ‘good’ what is perceived as ‘bad’. It is fundamentally human to become conditioned to habit patterns and rhythms of being that have been passed down from our ancestors. We come from a long, historic tradition of pleasing others, fixing what is ‘wrong’ with us and consistently trying to become better versions of ourselves. 

Unfortunately this doesn’t work the way we hope or expect it to, leading us to become separated from the different parts of ourselves and from others. We judge certain behaviors, emotions and thoughts as ‘right’ and others as ‘wrong’. By this way, we then attempt to only hold space for the highs and disregard and shun the lows. This leads to an imbalanced existence, where we are always trying to get rid of something or get more of something else. Living in a state of perpetual bliss that is ungrounded and addicted to being right, perfect or good limits our awareness to the complexities of perspective and experience that live inside of us. 

The parts of us that crave attention, substance, love, food, inclusion and validation must be seen and allowed to be present or else they become deeper, more resentful and repressed issues. We are a complex, emotional, difficult, often selfish, often blind, often spiteful species full of fear and pain. We are also a deeply compassionate, complex, emotional, easy-going, loving, often patient, often kind, often humble species willing to forgive and love fully. We are both and we cannot have one without the other. Find balance in your inner war between good and evil by acknowledging the voices in your head and feelings in your chest that so desperately want to change, be fixed, please others or become richer, more successful, younger, more beautiful, stronger, less controlling etc. 

Watch and listen to these parts of yourself as they acts out and reach for love. Sit with them and tell them that it is perfectly okay to think and feel the way they do and it is perfectly okay to be imperfect. By giving these ‘people’ the validation and acceptance they so badly yearn for, you set them free to become something else. And that is another adventure.