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Indigo Corners®

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'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Capricorn ☾ From the heart of darkness...

New Moon in Capricorn, January 9, 2016

Cards: Dear Forest/SHADOWS, Indigo Plush/INTUITION, Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE,Seahorse Dream/EASE, Pink Canopy/EXPANSION

Cards: Dear Forest/SHADOWS, Indigo Plush/INTUITION, Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE,Seahorse Dream/EASE, Pink Canopy/EXPANSION

Cards: Dear Forest/SHADOWS, Indigo Plush/INTUITION, Starstruck/PERSPECTIVE,

Seahorse Dream/EASE, Pink Canopy/EXPANSION

From the heart of darkness...

Its as if we have been turned inside out. The structures and programming defining our collective consciousness have upgraded and changed indefinitely. This new world doesn’t function like the old one. Our core needs, values and desires have clarified and communication with spirit and the higher self are functioning to meet you at a greater level of fulfillment. Now is an excellent time to pray, or ask for help with whatever you might need. Powerful forces are at our disposal. The veil between the worlds has thinned and many energies of support are waiting for us to engage.

In order to receive the support you desire, you must remember to release expectation and attachment to outcome. Ask and then observe what is and what shows up, rather than achingly searching for the specific things and answers you want to see, hear and feel in a certain way. So many of us are so close to aligning with this practice on a very real level where needs are manifested quite quickly, but we must get out of our own way.

I would like to offer perspective on the idea of ‘detachment’. Rather than trying to energetically disconnect from or break away from negative habits, thinking or feelings, try to focus rather, on filling yourself up with source energy and deep inspirations in the form of sensation in the body: by practicing meditation; moving your body in ways you enjoy; listening to music that lights you up; or viewing art that creates sparkles in your soul. Cultivate the things that bring you the ‘tingles’ or goosebumps.

Small practices of this daily will build up a new kind of experience in your body system that will create natural detachment to things which do not serve you and you will need not try so hard to let go. Once these practices are learned, they cannot be lost, only forgotten. This is where the practice of remembering becomes so important.

Your deepest heart of hearts needs you to show up and do the work. Now is the time to connect with spiritual practice, self-discipline and to move away from day-dreaming and guessing. Trust your instincts and take action to clean up the past, make room for the future yet all the while staying within the present moment. Commit to coming back to 'right now'. Do not wait or push the responsibilities that come with inner work away. Keep moving forward and know that practice takes constant effort. Trust that even your most seemingly futile efforts are not in vein. Do not give up.

Compassion and self-discipline can go hand in hand. Make a point to find connection between these seemingly two diverse principles. If you bring compassion to the self when facing personal limitations such as anxiety, exhaustion and ideas of failure, a sense of ease and grace can flow instead. Find the balance between these spaces available to you now and practice, practice, practice.

Take advantage of the quiet of this time to dive deep, fill your well with warm, sensate, source energy and expand with a new foundation of strength and power.

Remember, above all that from the heart of darkness comes the brightest of light. Shine on, beloved.