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'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

New Moon in Sagittarius ☾ Infinite Possibilities

Cards: Inspiration, Energy, FreedomMandala Oracle Card Reading 12-11-15 New Moon in Sagittarius Theme: Infinite Possibilities


Broad, new energies are at our disposal. A space has opened up inside us and around us which offers infinite possibilities. These must be accessed through communion with the present moment, not in fantasies of the past or concerns for the future. This means being comfortable and in contact with our bodies, not engaged in war with the thinking, worrying mind. There is great opportunity for magical journeying, profound self-study and uncovering a deeper sense of purpose.

In a way, this is the moment we have been waiting for; as things for many may be finally launching forward with visible results. We are envisioning great things, we are invigorated, and if we are grounded and in authenticity, we are moving quickly ahead from a new perspective of authority.

We have been working deeply through our shadows, and are now living in the beginning of new light. Dawn is beginning to break through and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting much brighter. Remember, no matter what level of expansion we are at, we are all human and every struggle is of value. This is NOT a race to the finish line.

It is imperative we stay neutral and detached from greed, expectation, and feelings of wanting or needing anything more than what we are receiving in the now. This is a time for baby steps. Do not rush. Do not overanalyze. Do not gather all the nuts on the ground for fear that more will not fall. Rather, use this time as an opportunity to learn how to receive. Focus your intention on feeling gratitude and love for each small thing as it shows up. Observe and respond from a place of grateful neutrality.

Be mindful of overextending yourself. If a project, relationship or circumstance seems to be at a dead end, walk away and leave what isn’t yours behind you. Note what really matters to you, in your heart. Keep your energy contained to your priorities and try to avoid taking things personally. There is so much going on right now, and whatever may be projected toward you, most likely has nothing to do with you. All of us are spinning and detaching from the webs we’ve been weaving for centuries. Offer compassion without emotional engagement for anyone who is struggling in their own web.

Be kind to yourself and celebrate each win in relief, joy and honor for all the hard work you have done. These are massive achievements and will have global consequences. You and everyone else deserves all the many blessings here and yet to come.

Do not dwell. Do not linger. Rise again tomorrow with a fresh heart, full of inspired excitement for the day ahead. We have much to watch, create, love and look forward to.