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Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Expansion is Inevitable

The intense energies swirling about in our universe these past several weeks (and seemingly getting stronger every day) have been impossible for me to ignore. The world is waking up and many of us are no longer able to deny this forward movement and feeling of great expansion. With expansion and inner growth comes the responsibility to face the parts of ourselves we deny or resist and to question if there is a deeper layer of knowing and learning, under what we perceive to be our truth. Life is rich in its complexities and dualities. Sometimes its these that we need to sit with; to allow; and to accept.

This process is not meant to be easy. We can choose to allow it to be filled with "ease" but must also face our "dis-ease". How can we turn darkness into light if we're not willing to look deep into the darkness?

Our shadow selves, subconscious mind or inner children; these "people" need us to see them and to set them free. They need us to witness their pain and suffering. Sometimes simply acknowledging the very fact that they exist can be enough to transform them into our helpers, our confidants, our best friends and the ones that hold us in the dark at night, when we feel alone and terrified.

My message to you is to let yourself in. Let all the people in your heart come forth to be loved. Let them love you. They will love you in a way that NO ONE else can and this will be your salvation.

If we do this work of learning to sit with and to love the parts of ourselves we cannot stand, the process of expansion and awakening becomes filled with ease, instead of dis-ease.

If expansion is inevitable, let's make it easier on ourselves by allowing the resistance to the process to fall away. By nature, all energy MUST transform, so if the going's gonna get tough at some point, no matter how hard we resist, we might as well roll up our sleeves, stick our hands in the mud and get down and dirty.


Let me share with you a very personal example. My sacred energy mandalas had their very first art gallery reception on Friday, September 18 at The Wallingford Center's Kerf International gallery space. The three pieces will be up at this location in Seattle (1815 N 45th St) for the next month and are for sale. Please stop by and say hello to my friend and curator, David Felker.

Now, even though I'm a fairly seasoned performer and have worked in high-energy environments for years, due to being energetically sensitive, do not always do well in crowds. I wasn't feeling 100% at the beginning of the opening and thought maybe I'd sneak out and not have to deal with all that energy, which for me can sometimes be extremely draining and overwhelming.

Just as I was making a break for it, my 90-year-old neighbors (who are in excellent health and never fear a fun event) walked in the door. I knew I must face my sensitivity-shame as well as all the wonderful people who had shown up to express love for me and my art. The night was a success and I broke through one of my deepest visibility fears.

I challenge you to love the part of yourself you feel ashamed of. Sit with that person as if they are separate from you. Have a conversation. Forgive them. Ask them what they need. My mentor, Barry Gordon taught me that when you identify and speak to the energies present within yourself, they will listen and respond.

At the gallery, I spoke directly to the one who wanted to escape and told her that it was fine to run, but if she didn't run I would hold her hand and we would face the fear together. She chose to stay. So here's to each of us shining our lights brightly into the darkness, facing our fears and letting the universe show up to catch us, just before we think we will fall.

May you be surprised and delighted by who lives within you and how much they can help you find your way.

I wish you endless love, amusement (I dare you to be shown up by 90-year-olds) and the courage to shine whatever type of light you like (rainbow sparkly, black light, neon, sunshine, moonlight etc.) into your darkest of corners. xoxo Steph