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Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Shine your light and be free

In a recent energy reading, a healer gently suggested that I 'shine my light' in relationship to my business. My initial response was confusion and defense, like "um, can't you see that's what I've been doing?!" and "WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?!" Funny thing is, it's exactly this style of reaction that was blocking me from following her advice. For the past several years, I've been focusing all my energy on desperately trying to become the 'Mary Engelbreit of mandalas', or as I like to reference Mean Girls, trying to make "fetch" happen. My need for the art to be received has actually blocked it from being successful. And in the meantime I've been broke, frustrated and entertaining a deep fear of working as a professional photographer and NOT an artist.

Our true desires are realized only after we release attachment to outcome. By 'shining my light', she meant for me to allow the universe to take the reigns and for me to let go; to get out of my own way.


As I meditate on this phrase I've found my art has begun to show up within the service, story and style of my portraits. The more I shoot, the more I find excitement in bringing clients joy and inspiration in making art, not fear of unrealized realities and the anxiety of pleasing others.

Speaking of allowing, I'm developing smaller and more affordable ways to use my mandala designs. My business cards featured here, have been so popular that mini oracle card decks are coming soon!


Who's interested? Email me at to pre-order.

Grant and I have also been performing as a duo and making consistent money from our music for the first time EVER. Suddenly, a whole new community of fans has offered us visibility during daytime festivals and private events. Our band, Hallways has taken on new life and we are grateful.

It can be very easy to forget the good intentions and deep, vast knowledge of the friendly universe. Trusting this force is a marriage we must recommit to over and over again, throughout the course of our lives.

Shining my light means reclaiming my genius and power in all areas of my life and in the WHY and WAY I do things, not in the WHAT. I've been so focused on WHAT I want that I've created boundaries keeping those very things outside of my experience. These walls keep us not safe but rather imprisoned in fear and limitation.

The incredible healer Lynn Lousie Wonders, who sent me the message that inspired this email, also channels from spirit; "You are loved more than your human mind can begin to understand."

So here's to letting the universe show up for us in its infinite glory so that the dreams of our highest selves can be actualized. Here's to releasing limitation by allowing what shows up to come on through, rather than standing at the gates wishing we saw something else off in the distance.

I'm looking forward to serving you, my clients, myself, my family, my friends and my community in new and surprising ways. Bring it on, universe!

XO, Steph