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Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Ask and you shall receive

The vast, intelligent and infinitely complex and creative universe is your oldest friend. When you are down and feeling frustrated, the universe will listen with an open heart. The universe will be real with you when you need to learn a lesson and generous with you when you have a need that MUST be met. And when you have forgotten who YOU are, the good ‘ol Universe is there to send you messages of love, every day with a wink and a smile.

To keep any aging and ever evolving friendship or loving relationship alive, we must work on our communication skills. We must pay attention to the messages our friend or partner is sending us, even if it’s in a language we do not quite understand. We must continue to choose to love ourselves and the other party over and over and over again. It’s a lifelong practice which takes patience, faith, trust, love and self-awareness.

As with any relationship in life, we must learn to ask for our needs to be met. We must ask for what we want sincerely and unapologetically, then let go of expectation and allow the other party to respond in a way that works for them. We cannot control someone else’s response. We can only trust that they have heard us, love us and will show up for us to the best of their abilities. We must then choose to believe their effort is genuine and reward them with gratitude for their service to our wellbeing. As we move forward together through the ins and outs of life, it is also appropriate to acknowledge and celebrate our relationship.

Setting an intention for what we want in life is really no different than asking the universe directly to respond to that intention. It is our energetic vibration that sends the message, as this is the language in which your friend, the universe speaks. So to best make your “ask” heard and in line to becoming reality, with the help of your oldest friend, try the following:

1. Believe that the universe as an intelligent entity is real and knows what it is doing. It has created a whole bunch of cool stuff over the years and really wants you to experience it’s infinite creativity. What if you didn’t believe your friends were real? Would they maybe be a bit stand-off-ish?

2. Know what you want. Many powerful people throughout history have made friends with the universe, from kings to pop stars and maybe even your grandma. What did they have in common? They knew exactly what they wanted and they went after it, without giving up. Whether its a family, a house, new friends or a career touring internationally, if you know what you want, although it may not be exactly what you expected, in some way, the universe will deliver it. However, the more you know what you want, the more exactly you tend to receive it.

4. Ask with feeling in your body. Allow yourself to be filled with the thrilling physical sensation of excitement that rises up within your chest as you move into the knowing that what you want will absolutely come true. This is not a demand or an unconscious wishing, this is knowing your divine right and standing up for it in your relationship with the universe, who is your co-creator in making it happen. Remember, the universe’s language is energy, so ask with the energy of your intention in your body. Perhaps you can better access this feeling after a meditation or exercise practice. You are a unique snowflake. You know when you feel good, uplifted, connected. We all get to this space differently so play with what works for you. There is no wrong way to be in your body yet feeling sensation at will, can take practice and patience.

5. Use energetic tools to enhance your “ask”. I’ve recently asked the universe to keep me connected to spirit and to my inner knowing. I’ve been using my Indigo Plush mandala (see below) to enhance energetic power around this ask and strengthen my intuition. I have a digital reminder on my phone, mounted version on my wall and recently used it as a base for a crystal grid to enhance energetic power around my intention. I built an entire miniature world with crystals and other power objects that have meaning to me to support this. As the universes’ language is energy, by creating energetic rituals or processes such as these, the universe can communicate faster with you. Sure enough I saw the results I needed within a few days. As I practice these energetic conversations, my needs are met faster and more specifically over time.



6. Expect to receive what you asked for. Know it is coming to you without the fear that it actually might not be. Trust that you have been heard. If you feel unsure, keep practicing the language of energy in your body and play with rituals that have meaning for you.

7. Give up trying to figure out exactly what its going to look like. Release attachment to controlling the outcome. Get out of your own way by allowing the universe to rearrange things on its own time, in its own way. Let things get messy and uncomfortable. Show up with excitement in your breath and know that change is the rearranging of chaos into order. In order for the new to be born, the old must die off. Even with the shit is hitting the fan, trust that everything is exactly as it should be.

8. Be open to receiving. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities of creation and know that your friend, the universe dreams bigger than you. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the gifts your friend brings you, regardless of if they appear exactly the way you thought they would. Remember that sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself.

9. Say thank you. Your friend loves you and wants you to be happy. Send the universe gratitude from your heart for all the things you have received. Step back in humility for how lucky you are. Then congratulate yourself for having the courage to live a life in harmony with your old friend, the universe, who speaks a different language, can be quite unruly and has the most ridiculous sense of humor and oddest sense of timing. What a team you make!