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Indigo Corners®

Moon Journal

'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Saving It For Later

I received a fancy bar of soap as a gift. My husband opened it and set it in the bathroom. I found it and balked. In my mind, I had been saving it for later, for when we moved into a nice place so it could sit next to my perfect sink, for me to stare at, I guess, and for guests to use. Ah, perfectionism. The truth is, usually in this type of situation the soap stays wrapped and packed away in a box and is discovered ten years later when it is out of style and not longer fresh for use. The message that I’m sending to myself is: “I don’t deserve to display and use nice things, I don’t really want to share nice things with others and would rather keep them to myself, just in case I need them at a later time”.

The message I’m sending to the universe is: “I don’t have enough and I don’t trust you to provide plentiful bathroom supplies for me in the future.” It’s like a china cabinet full of beautiful dishes that no one is allowed to touch or use because something may get broken. The fear of not ever having enough replaces the right to celebration in the moment.

This is an example of “lack” mentality. There is not enough for all of us to share, therefore I need to hoard and save things and experiences to keep myself feeling safe and taken care of.

Another example of lack mentality is “I’ll be happy when…”. This is a very dangerous way to live. This train of thought limits our ability to create a joyful, fulfilled present moment. When we are in a state of worry and anxiety about trying to make everything just so, we attach to outcomes and expectations that are primed to disappoint.

The universe responds to these patterns of thought and behavior appropriately and thus those who do not have enough or have it right, continue to not have enough, and not have it right. There is always something to fix, complain, worry about or fill.

To experience an abundant life, one must FEEL and ACT abundant. And by abundant I mean choosing to be in a state of acceptance, humility and gratitude. What we focus on expands. Does this mean we won’t worry, make mistakes or establish addictive patterns? Absolutely not! Worry, mistakes and addictive patterns are a part of human experience and teach us which path to take and how to learn what to do and what not to do. Focusing all your energy on negative cycles however only creates more negative cycles. Like attracts like.

Abundance is not limited to money. It is a way to experience life from your heart. When things feel wonderful, expansive and joyful, that IS abundance. When things feel tight, fearful, hopeless, scare, and we feel unable to display and share our soap, we are missing out on the best life has to offer.

To practice feeling abundant and seeing what the universe has to offer you, practice being super duper grateful for what you have and practice sharing whatever that may be with those around you. May you become open to allowing and receiving the blessings of a truly amazing and abundant life.

Saving something for later? Grab a box from your closet and take out something you’ve been saving for a special occasion that just never seems to arrive. Open it and invite others to share it, or have a party for one. Love the experience of the object RIGHT NOW. This simple exercise clears space for new and amazing objects to enter into your energetic field. Want to receive a new candle/soap/record/shirt/jewelry (fill in the blank)? Get rid of the ones you have now that you no longer use. See what shows up in the near future.

Feeling trapped by a specific worry? Instead of worrying about the worry (don’t let this practice be an excuse to beat yourself up for worrying. This is an easy pothole and simply a mental trap, ignore it), take a deep breath in and fill yourself up with the most amazing, joyful, sparkly feeling you can access and hold onto it for two to three minutes. Did you forget about the worry? Fantastic! Now, do this again, three times per day. See if you feel better in a week.


Needing things to work out a certain way or you just might die? Take action! Go outside and ask your neighbors about their problems, try a new restaurant, get out of your head and into your life. Run around the park with your dog. Take pleasure in something simple that isn’t about your specific problem. Redirect your focus onto helping someone else achieve a goal. Detach from expectation by realizing that something new and wonderful is always happening around you and is on its way to your door, regardless of what you THINK you need. Let it go by embracing what IS showing up, not what isn’t.

Need to fill a void? Avoid using food, drugs and alcohol to "make" you happy. Look forward to that next moment of indulgence but equally attribute value to those parts of yourself that aren't buzzing from an outside source. Sit with yourself in the state you are in and simply allow it to be as it is, without resistance or reaction. Meditate and allow yourself the space to be OK with just being.