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The Magic of Synchronicity

What is Synchronicity?

While studying ancient Chinese philosophy, famed psychologist Carl Jung termed the concept of synchronicity, which assumes the universe brings events together with special meaning for the observer in a unique snowflake-likeness of the present moment that cannot be duplicated or fully explained.

Taking on Jung’s challenge and assuming there are no coincidences is a thrilling way of understanding how nature works and communicates.

This is not to say that every small connection made requires excessive contemplation but rather that this shifted perspective brings surprise, delight and joy to an otherwise ordinary existence.

Believe in Magic

Magic and miracles are similarly defined by the English dictionary as an extraordinary power or event, seen without plausible explanation from the physical world, thus supernatural in source.

In ancient times, when our very existence was fundamentally intertwined with the natural world, we didn’t differentiate between the natural or physical world and other or supernatural forces. Nature and the physical world around each of us was super, the producer of miracles.

Therefore, culturally, in the modern, industrialized, technology-driven Western world, it is understandable for us to question whether such things our very language dismisses as unexplainable, can truly exist.

For if we do not believe that miracles exist in our daily experiences of our immediate personal realities, then unfortunately, they do not. What a dull choice!

By choosing to believe in magic, the strange and wonderful little connections nature brings forth to our attention become small miracles.

After all, Einstein said that “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe."

Could synchronicity be the language of the universe? Explore your world from this new viewpoint! Try the following exercise to empower your intuition and add curiosity and wonder to your life.

The Synchronicity Exercise

Acknowledge when one or several of the following events takes place:

  • You experience a coincidence you cannot deny or fully explain.
  • A new concept or idea inspires you or intrigues you and you begin to see it appear more frequently. The more you focus on it, the more it shows up for you;
  • You make a statement or reference a person or thing and they or it suddenly appears;
  • Someone does something nice for you that feels oddly appropriate to the moment;
  • You unexpectedly bond with someone over similar emotional experiences and heal the pain of feeling separate or isolated;
  • You spend time in nature and feel a deep connection with the earth, trees or wildlife.
  • You've been seeking an answer to a question for some time, however the minute you stop searching so desperately, the answer simply falls in your lap, like an apple from a tree.

Take a mental note or journal what your experience means to you and how it makes your feel. What could the universe be trying to tell you? How did you participate? What did you learn from this message? What does this tell you about who you are and where your path is leading you? Embrace the mysterious and often humorous quality of the vast intelligence speaking directly to you!

Design your own mythology and build a library of miraculous moments for your own reference. Make connections between memories, dreams, hopes and goals to get a greater sense of the present moment and a more complete understanding and seamless view of your reality.

Allow yourself to feel empowered by the knowledge that you are directing your own experience and participating in a complex and amazing relationship with an intelligent, friendly universe. Do you feel more alive? Less alone? More connected? More powerful?

What dreams become real if you navigate through life this way?

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