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Exercise Your Butterflies

The Butterflies MEDITATION Exercise

*Do you need a boost of energy? Use the butterflies exercise when not feeling naturally lifted. Repeat this often to achieve a more joyful, present, wondrous state of mind. It will improve focus and positive energy and can be accessed at ANY time with a simple breath.

A few years back, I was having a particularly tough day. I stepped into my bathroom and took a really hard look at myself in the mirror. For some reason, the everyday veil, screen or jar of varying thoughts and emotions that most of us spend the bulk of our time scurrying amongst or living under, lifted. I suddenly became fully present and aware that I was staring at myself; my beautiful, authentic, soulful, present self.


I saw a being filled with life stare back at me from the mirror. I was in a state of awe, just by being; just by existing. This was such a mesmerizing feeling of awareness. I took a deep breath and at the peak of my inhalation, I felt a deep, but buoyant lift. I felt a tingling in my fingers and legs. I felt an unending well of life energy, of consciousness, float inside and around me. It was like a thousand butterflies lived in my lungs and were fluttering their colorful, sparkling, excited wings into my breath and extending into my body.

I exhaled and paid extra attention to my chest as it rose and fell. The “butterflies” lifted me higher upon each breath. It profoundly occurred to me that I was witnessing the very essence of life within myself. It was this life energy that was allowing me to walk around, to animate my body and experience consciousness. I was witnessing the foundation of my own existence.

You might find you feel a similar type of inner lift quite naturally, after completing a great workout routine, spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga or prayer or when looking at or thinking of your loved ones.

You have the power to create this exhilarating experience because you ARE this exhilarating experience. It is in your very core nature to be living in this state of bliss at anytime you choose.

This simple exercise is available to you at any time and accessing it often can increase your happiness, confidence, sense of presence and productivity. I’ve restated the exercise below in hopes you will discover your very own bundle of butterflies inside.

To prepare, try daydreaming about what it will feel like to have a major life-long dream come true in front of your very eyes. Or, remember how it felt to have that first magical kiss with a true love or the day your child came into the world. Perhaps your current well of inspiration lies in a fond memory of traveling to an amazing place. Go deeper into these thrilling feelings. Pretend as if you are exactly where you want to be, whether in the arms of your lover or at the top of the world. Then bring that feeling into your current moment. Allow that feeling to loosen its attachment to the past memory and seep into your present state of being.

 Go to a mirror. OPEN your eyes, both physically and psychologically. Watch your chest as your breath in and out. Do not allow any negative thought to halt you from this moment. Use your well of joy-filled experiences to channel deep inspiration and excitement into your body. Watch the inhalation and exhalation of your chest as you fill your heart and mind with this lifted, hopeful, deeply excited feeling. Stare in awe at the magical animation of life welling up inside your chest and emanating from your very breath.

As you inhale and exhale, connect this feeling with your soul, your truth, your human body and your reason for being on the planet. Fill your lungs with the incredible oxygen sustaining your system. Feel the tingling sensation all the way to your fingertips and toes. Buzz up, away and back in again. Think amazing, happy thoughts and be grateful for each one.

By connecting this feeling with your breathing, each time you breath in and feel your lungs expand and fill with butterflies, you can access this well of beautiful, creative, joy-filled life energy at anytime, any place. It is your true nature and always exists within you. You are not dependant upon an experience outside of yourself to feel such bliss!