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'messages from the friendly universe' at the new and full moon cycles

Friendly Universe Signs


Wikipedia describes Synchronicity as "the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, whereas they are unlikely to be causally related. The subject sees it as a meaningful coincidence, although the events need not be exactly simultaneous in time." I see synchronicity as a signifier of the present moment: a response from the universe, acknowledging that you are paying attention; that what is happening is happening in the NOW and YOU can see it. It is a signifier of the process of awakening. Below are a few of my latest encounters with this process.


I am currently working on an interactive multi-media art exhibit featuring four distinct sacred spaces. The space below (in it's design stage) focuses on the element of water, the sea, and emotional clarity and communication.


As I was working, I decided to put on my iPod. My iPod has been known to throw out the perfect song for the perfect time and I'm not talking about the nostalgia that comes from an old favorite jam. In moments of synchronicity, either the lyrics or the overall tone and message of the song will speak directly and undeniably to something very specific that I am going through.

My iPod immediately and randomly shuffled to the forlorn, dreamy vocals of my dear friend and incredible singer-songwriter Drew Victor. He makes many references to the ocean in his work, (I can't think of another artist I listen to on a regular basis that does this) and also happens to be covered in sailor tattoos. I should also mention, I'd had lyrics to one of his songs that hasn't been recorded yet in my head for weeks; "sailors, servants, whores...all use the same doors". The following week he dedicated the performance of this song to me at a live show. Awesome.

Concurrently, while referencing Altars made Easy by Peg Streep, in a search for the appropriate type of crystal or gem to use for this altar, I came across the following sentence: "aquamarine: A blue-green form of beryl, aquamarine means "seawater," and this stone is thought to protect sailors and ships." I also wear an aquamarine gem around my neck to keep me connected to my spirituality. Hmmmmm....gotta love that synchronicity is always influencing my art AND coming from music. I can't imagine it any other way.


I have been working on recognizing, re-defining and receiving abundance in any form it chooses to arrive. Financial gain is not always abundant. Sometimes personal success and empowerment means leaving a place that although may be providing us with financial support, isn't lifting us up. When our energy is drained, we do not have space for abundance.


I recently left one "bridge job", as Marie Forleo calls it, for another. We can easily become lost in the fear that can accompany a major life transition. It wasn't until I accepted and embraced this fear that I was able to move through it and forward.

I found it interesting that upon making the tough decision to walk through the fear of having no money and doing what I knew I had to do anyway, that my money tree, which seemed rigid, unhappy and had slowly been loosing leaves, sprouted it's first new leaf since I brought it home several months ago. Since then, it has opened up, sprouting new buds and is giving off a much more relaxed, loving vibe.

This process of giving in and letting go of the things I couldn't control and the acceptance of and responsibility to the things I could change created a host of new opportunities to present themselves.

Upon entering the new opportunity, synchronicity was everywhere. Signs popped up left and right, too many to document and share. Some were so personal I didn't even know how to put them into words.


Choosing to learn and re-learn the hard lessons life presents, allows us to grow. We cannot move forward in learning if we refuse to accept the teaching of the moment. Marianne Williamson states in The Law of Divine Compensation that"all growth is a conduit of miracles." I see synchronicity as the universe's way of presenting small miracles, therefore acknowledging our choice to grow and learn. To choose to be a student of life is to have great courage. To choose to see miracles in small things is to have great courage. As Winston Churchill said;"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. 


Throughout this time, I was asking the universe for guidance quite a bit and angels kept showing up in random places, not the least of which I found interesting was this key chain; a gift from my father for my birthday. This was a very special gift to me, one that felt intentioned and honest and I am deeply grateful for.

In synchronicity, it is as if the universe is actually speaking to me or having a girly giggle with me. It very often points out a truth or gently reminds me of my own strength, right when I need it most. These moments also occur after very directly asking for guidance or help.

Grant truck

My husband Grant and I had just parted ways on the street. I called his name a few times because I had forgotten to ask him directions to the entrance to the train and I can be clueless when it comes to navigation. But instead of hearing me as I raced across the street, this truck pulled up guiding the way to where I needed to go. One of my favorite parts of living in New York City is that there are so many signs that pop up right under your nose when walking around.


We went out to dinner the following evening and after eating I was pulled into a store selling puppies and kittens. I won't go into detail about my responses from seeing all these animals in their respective plexiglass boxes but right outside the front window of the store was this quarter machine. I give out many of these little ninjas to friends, family and clients as charms to remind them of their inner strength and to trust and protect their intuitions or intentions. I purchased three for future gifts and sent as much loving, protective energy as I could muster to all the animals and future pet owners connected to the store. 

These moments happen usually when I'm not paying attention and am jolted out of whatever reverie maybe consuming my thoughts smack into the moment. The more I pay attention, the more I've noticed these moments. I actually can't share them all on this blog post because lately there's just been too many to record.

I often wonder how many conversations with the universe I've missed because I haven't been listening. Man, it sure can take a lot to wake us up!

I do see this as proof that our thoughts do absolutely affect our physical reality. However, I do not wish to take credit for these moments. My ego surely attempts to talk me into it but a relationship is a two way street and these moments are discussion between energetic beings; myself and the Universe or whatever you wish to call it. I like to think of the energy I'm in relationship with as a connecting, intelligent, loving force that shifts energy around on purpose. It is so silly and has such a lovely personality and sense of humor!

As Einstein said; "The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe."