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Summer Clearance Indigo Corner

Stephica's Indigo Corner - Summer 2013


Just a few weeks ago, we decided it was that time of year again- to clean house. In times of transition, it is important to keep your environment updated to provide support and reflection of the changes that are taking place. Moving objects to collect the changes in energy will keep things fresh and lifted. You do not want your space to keep you reminded of what's past.

After dusting, vacuuming, trashing unnecessaries and rearranging all the furniture, it was time to rebuild my meditation altar. I've adorned the Eastern most wall along with other decor in our apartment with a more neutral theme for summer to balance out the colorful, humid weather patterns that dominate this part of the year in NYC.

The layout of my altar remains somewhat the same, although again simplified from my winter arrangement. I've replaced the vibrant purple and red altar scarf with some beautiful hand-stitched heirloom cloths handed down to us from our ancestors. On the altar surface, the spirit and physical worlds are still separated by spaces of transition, representing a fully balanced cycle of life. I have made a few other object adjustments to inspire abundance, clarity, support and protection from a Feng Shui perspective. I moved my honey bee honoring down from the wall to the altar to inspire sustainability and earth-friendly support to the collapsing colonies around the world.  I have added a beautiful representation of Green Tara, the Buddhist Goddess of enlightened activity of which I was drawn to immediately upon sight and sold to by a wonderfully knowledgeable Feng Shui practitioner. My great-grandmother's seashell collection radiates the caring qualities of the feminine, punctuated by a tiny seahorse honoring to offer great support to the oceans of earth, whom are all undergoing great stress and change, sadly due to human interference.

I pulled down many of the images from my Winter wall and focused on designs of rebirth, growth and adventure. Many of these are illustrations by mid-twentieth century German artist Ida Bohatta, of whom I collect. My sacred image collection includes a tiny copy of Sam Eric P.A. from Hiroshi Sugimoto's, Theaters, a series I have always been drawn to and reflects the visual theme of fire and air energy being carried up from the earth into the heavens. At the top of my image collection sits a Russian Orthodox icon, blessed by a priest for safe travels, photographs I have taken from my travels and a love note from my husband, of which I have always treasured.

I'm excited to build on meditations for sustainable energy, guidance and stress relief in my new altar location. Did this post inspire you to make any changes in your space for the upcoming summer solstice?  Post any changes you've made in the comments and inspire other readers to make changes in their homes.