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Winter Windows Indigo Corner

Steph's Altar Unicorn.jpg

Stephica's Indigo Corner - Winter 2012 As it turns out, I've been building Indigo Corners, or sacred spaces in the homes I've lived in since I was a child. I've always used walls, corners and secret hiding places to express and stay connected to myself. I've been building my current altar over the past year or so.  It's grown now to encompass the entire Western wall of our living room. It's placed to receive glowing morning light from the East and our South-facing window is adjacent, drawing in dapples of late morning/afternoon sunshine from the West through the radiant rainbow reflections from crystals that hang inside it. It is my meditation haven and I enjoy the uplifting energy of the space all day long.

This altar was constructed in the Autumn of 2012 and used throughout the winter. The warm colors of the scarf used for the altar cloth eventually expanded to cover the entire wall. My focal point was a mandala I printed from Mindware and colored with my trusty Prismacolor pencils. I built other images out from here and although I may have gotten a bit carried away, this wall represented the joy and connection to myself I felt so sincerely during this time in my life.

I have collected dollhouse furniture and miniatures since I was a child and building this altar gave me a chance to display and honor some of my most prized possessions or power objects. When an object is treasured, it absorbs the loving energy and intention of its owner, there upon reflecting this energy back toward the observer. It is important to remember that although something may not have meaning to you, this does not mean it hasn't been loved and cared for deeply by someone else. I LOVE seeing these objects displayed so carefully every day. I am reminded of my authentic self and my authentic self is reminded that it is loved.

Among my power objects sits a tiny igloo. This igloo represents the entryway to the spirit world. The candle behind represents the place where the physical and spiritual worlds meet. In front of the igloo are crystals, rocks, earth and human objects. You can see grey moonstone for astral travel and garnet for grounding and root chakra healing among others. Guarding the spirit world are two tiny white ninjas with swords drawn in protection. Behind the igloo exist my angels, deities and spirit animal totems as well as an image of my husband and I on a very happy day looking forward to a long and fulfilling life journey together. Little did I know when constructing this space that arranging objects on an altar in this way is an ancient technique used to honor the earthly and spiritual realms, as well as the space in between. Arrange your own objects in any way that intuitively feels correct to you.

I hope this post inspired you to create your very own altar to remind you just how amazing, unique and beautiful a creature you truly are!