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DEDICATION This oracle deck was created for all humans courageous enough to face themselves.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT “Art has a soul. Each photograph design has been channeled to reflect unique, powerful and compassionate energy. They were created to serve and spread divine, loving guidance to all they come in contact with.”

DISCLAIMER Cards are alphabetical by theme, listed below. Scroll to find your reading. These 36 oracle images can assist you in receiving “friendly messages from the universe”. This guidebook offers validation, guidance and clarity. If a reading is accurate, it should affirm your intuition. Take what aligns and leave the rest. Readers take full responsibility for all choices made after any reading. Images do not diagnose illness or predict the future. They are not a replacement for any health product or treatment. If you have a question or concern regarding your mental, emotional or physical health, please consult a qualified professional.

DIRECTIONS Ask yourself the questions in the descriptions and any that come to mind. If part of the guidebook description feels accurate, take only what is needed. Do the designs or words trigger emotion or memory? Do the colors or shapes create a pattern? Do the elements, chakras, crystals, or plants have meaning for you? Where do you feel the message in your body? Do the cards connect or tell a story? If you have combined with other decks, what is the nature of the relationship between all cards? If we trust the universe to be friendly, loving and reflective of truth, what would it most want to communicate? You will know in your heart what feels true. If you feel confused, take a photo of your draw and look it over again in the coming days. It may make more sense as further information comes to light. If you find yourself with questions, ask more of them! Meditative contemplation is an art form. Allow more to be revealed, always.

SUITS Each card belongs to a suit.1. Internal self-awareness and orientation cards. This suit deals with personal structures, beliefs, fears, faith and inner landscapes of consciousness and subconsciousness. 2. Shift cards show movement from internal to external awareness and orientation. This suit offers present self-awareness to shift circumstance, grow and change. 3. External awareness and orientation cards. This suit relates to collective consciousness and being of service to the outside world. The suits are not in contest with one another but rather give an idea of where one's energy may be directed. Use the suit to understand or redirect focus on what is needed and to ask how you can be of service to yourself, a situation or relationship.

ELEMENTS AND POSITIONS Each card has an associated element: Air (intuition, lifeforce, ether), Fire (transformation, creativity, power), Water (feeling, flexibility, depth), Earth(grounding, stability, wisdom). When card elements and position elements (page 3-4) match or otherwise correspond, these can be read intuitively and relationally (air feeds fire, water and earth dowse fire, fire (sun) and water feeds earth, water becomes air, fire scorches earth, etc.).

PLANTS The suggested plants, herbs, resins and trees can be connected to you in whatever form they appear as. Perhaps you have Douglas fir in your backyard, chamomile tea in your cupboard, cook with rosemary or oregano or feel open-hearted whenever you smell the scent of roses. Challenge yourself to connect with the plants in new ways: meditate and ask for a plant spirit to be revealed within and to you while consuming tea or burning incense; hug, sit beneath or lean on a tree you feel drawn to and listen to its energy within your body and connect with your being. The trees are keepers of the secrets of the stars. They translate oneness between Mother Earth and the star system alliances and can reveal to you what is needed.


InflorescenceACTION Suit:external Chakras:sacral, solar plexus Crystals: carnelian, opal Herbs: clove, yerba mate Element: fire. Spring energizes and revitalizes. Are you avoiding taking action? Do you have any creative projects coming up or left unfinished? What do you want to create? Are you allowing space for it to come through? How are your energy levels? Have you been active lately? Message: Take action and complete exercises and projects with a constructive, tenacious attitude. Prepare, be discerning and choose wisely, then treat each opportunity and experience like the ultimate adventure it is and can be if you accept it in its imperfection. Realize all creations and experiences have their own purpose and energetic blueprint. Respect and honor the energy of all things that wish to intuitively move through you. Inspiration is a gift. Allow divine will to bring through what is needed. Alternative Expressions: 1. Express and support your inspiration with conscious activity. Alternative meanings: 2. Create for the process, not for the result. 3. Energy to create requires breath in and blood moving through the heart. If you are stuck in under or overwhelm, move your body joyfully. Seek out what inspires you to inform the content you produce. 4. Complete what you’ve started. Then let the universe take over.

Big StormATTACHMENT Suit: internal Chakras: third eye, heart Crystals: amethyst, green/purple fluorite Herbs: wood betony, hawthorn Element: water. This storm asks you to observe your obsessions and compulsions with compassion, not judgement. What do you need to have happen in order to feel whole or safe? What or who can you not live without?What desires will devastate you if they don’t manifest? Message: Be open to all the infinite possibilities. There is no “wrong” way; only detours and roundabouts. You will eventually get where you are going but you must release the fear of it not happening. Just because something isn’t meant to happen now, doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to happen ever. Regain trust in and fill yourself up with the magnificent superpower that is source energy. It cannot disappoint you, only you can. Alternative Expressions: 1. Expectations and states of identification are mental constructs which can block us from living freely. Practice acceptance. 2. Pull back from needing anything to manifest that is not ready or willing to do so. Force will create further imbalance. Fear cannot provide safety. 3. Chaos is a thought form and has no power over you now. You are releasing the illusion of control.This serves your freedom. 4. The situation is changing on its own. Be the stillness at the center of the storm and it will pass faster.

CathedralBLESSINGS Suit: shift Chakras: heart, crown Crystals: emerald, hematite Herbs: eucalyptus, holy basil Element: fire. This sunlight offers guidance, support and clarity. Are you trying too hard or experiencing anxiety or frustration? Do you feel stuck or limited in any way? Does love or success feel far away? Are you receiving universal love energy from source? Message: You may be in your own way. Spirit is attempting to meet your needs but you may be missing opportunities due to perfectionism or misguided focus. Give your heart fully, without expectation of a return on investment. We receive blessings when all we have left is love. Channel a resolute sense of purpose and go for gold in the imperfection of the moment, not at the end of the rainbow. The universe can hold you.You are free to trust. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are the blessing. Not tomorrow, not when you were three. Not when you win the lottery. NOW. 2. The light shines within you. You have everything you need but you must let go of not having or being enough. 3. You are worthy of  freedom and all the support and love in the world. Trust this to be true. 4. You are feeling the grace of God, just underneath the surface. This is a wonder of life. When it comes to you and God, you are never left out. Remember this.

Ice QueenCOURAGE Suit: shift Chakras: root, solar plexus, throat Crystals: blue topaz, chrysocolla, tiger’s eye Herbs: cleavers, ginger Element: fire. This lagoon puts your fear-blinders on. What action steps do you fear that you know you must take? What are your ultimate goals? What do you really want? Message: Sharpen your instincts. Trust your gut. Let go of anger, resentment, guilt and fear. Go after what you really want, but be open to the unexpected, windy road you must take to get there. Let nobody turn you away from the deepest desires in your heart.  Speak up. Embrace the fear that can often accompany moving forward. Be patient. Be fierce. Take the hard road your intuition is leading you down and don’t look back. In the long run, it will be absolutely worth it. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are your one true companion. Take yourself on the journey into the unknown. Show up to what is needed. Let the truth break open the waves for you to dive in. You will learn everything you need to, to thrive. 2. You have nothing to lose but that which is worth losing. Take the risk. 3. Validation comes from within. Don’t worry what others may or may not think but know the ones you want by your side will cheer you on.  4. Wait until the time is right. You will know when, in your heart.

Seahorse DreamEASE Suit: internal Chakras: heart, throat, third eye Crystals: amazonite, moss agate Herbs: vanilla, passionflower Element: water. This plant bed bubbles serenity to the surface. Are you feeling the need to control everything? Do you have trouble letting go or feeling relaxed? Do you wish things were easier or less chaotic? Are you hard on  yourself? Message: Lighten up. Let go. Play. Laugh. Release attachment to needing things to go a certain way. Watch your mental chatter and the messages it brings. Instead of trying to change it or beating yourself up for beating yourself up, stand back and listen to who is speaking. Who are they? What do they need? Why are they running the show? Sit with this “self” and get to know it instead of pushing it away. Alternative Expressions: 1. See through the illusions of control that are holding you hostage. Focus on how and where you can be helpful rather than helpless. 2.Find out if there are strings attached and if you are the one attaching them. Concern for detail might be getting in the way of your desire for peace. 3. Stress is a pattern the body is conditioned to carry. You are breaking the pattern. 4. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out. No one does.

Early RiserENERGY Suit: external Chakras: root, solar plexus Crystals: copper, red tiger’s eye Herbs: eleuthero, cinnamon Element: fire .This sunrise grounds and balances neurons, charging you with creative energy to prepare for the day or task ahead. Having difficulty facing a project or situation? Feeling distracted, anxious, hyper, scattered or pulled in different directions? Are you waiting to feel an energy you do not currently possess? Are you charged and balanced? Message: Check where your attention is directed. If you lack focus, creative energy or the ability to settle down, know your body is trying to rebalance and recharge. You may alternatively be in full swing and in alignment or integrating new and subtle energies. Either way, make time for self-care, balance and grounding in your routine so that each moment feels like a brand new day. Respect divine timing and limitations outside of your control. If you feel off, know the energy you desire is waiting to move through you with ease and grace but you may need to set boundaries. Do not let others siphon off you and leak what is yours. When your energy is balanced, you may see things differently. The possibilities for your future are infinite and glorious. Alternative Expressions: 1. Offer what you have, yet pace yourself so as not to leak out the good energies, thus maximizing potential. 2. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are at. Negotiate, ask questions, be discerning. Cut chords with distraction in all forms. 3. Pause from anxiety, attachment, elation and needing to know and achieve. You risk burnout. 4. A new dawn is ahead. Keep your spirits lifted.

Pink CanopyEXPANSION Suit: external Chakras: heart, crown Crystals: quartz with ajoite, rubellite Herbs: peppermint, ylang ylang Element: air. These plum blossoms stream the rich excitement and new romance of a fresh start in a direct line to your heart. Are you prepared for big shifts? Are you willing to do the self-work it takes to see results? Are you committed to your intentions? Message: Celebrate abundance! Let the light in! Continue work on yourself and focus on receiving all the blessings and messages that are divinely intended to help you learn and grow. Practice gratitude for the honor of co-creating your destiny with the universe. Turn your  face to the sun, stand tall in your receiving and boldly stride into your future. What is coming will not disappoint. Alternative Expressions: 1. You have arrived. Embrace this moment! 2. Lean into beauty. Make effort to witness and understand that abundance is already yours. 3. We need both active and passive forces to work together to create balance and strength. See if you can locate any energy leaks. 4. Welcome the pause. Welcome the ending. Welcome beginning again.

Subconscious PoolEXPRESSION Suit: internal Chakras: sacral, throat Crystals: aquamarine, blue chalcedony Herbs: kelp, peppermint Resin: amber Element: water. This aquarium soothes and aligns. Feeling a sense of urgency to communicate? Are you talking out of turn to compensate for not feeling heard of finding it difficult to listen? Do you feel supported in your authentic truth? Are you afraid of what might happen if you speak your truth or if you don’t? Is there something you’d rather be doing or creating? Are you inspired to create something you’re avoiding? What calling might you be denying? Message: Allow yourself to be mesmerized and intrigued by your inner world. Check in with your subconscious self.  Which emotions are calling the shots? Dig deep, discover and be curious about your fears and beliefs. Consider anyone or anything in your life which could be distracting you from your purpose or blocking your ability to be seen and heard accurately. Quietly connect inward and ask yourself the tough questions. Listen without judgement. Honor the people inside yourself who are afraid or feel lost. Remind them we can choose to find find fascination and adventure in many activities, even those that cause discomfort. Allow them the honor of authentic self-expression and experience. You and the moment you are in are perfect, whole and complete. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are inspired to make or say something. Do it and don’t take the response personally but rather learn from who and what responds. Which part of yourself does this person, party or object represent? Creation is reflective of the creator. Embrace this as a practice of self-acceptance. 2. Express your higher wisdom. Create your speech, offering or project authentically and say what is really on your mind. Your voice has ears ready to listen. Your message is needed. Your truth is of service to others. 3. Your truth has been controlled by past harm. Don’t allow negative emotion and external forces to keep you down. Seek safety on the inside so you can live in the loving embrace of what you know for sure. 4. Hold back from sharing. This may not be the time or place or they may not be able to hold space for you. If you are triggered, take it upon yourself to understand why.

Moon OrbFAITH Suit: internal Chakras:root, third eye, crown Crystals: blue fluorite, yellow topaz Herbs: star anise, blackberry Element: air. This moonlight leads the way. Are you listening to your inner guide?Do you feel you’re on the right path? Are you comfortable with your decisions? Is fear of making the wrong choice holding you back? Do you know where you want to be but can’t seem to get there? Message: Take small steps toward the bigger goal. Allow the universe to do the heavy lifting by detaching from needing things to look and feel a certain way throughout the process. The road will come up to meet you, in whatever form it shows itself. Your job is just to show up and move forward. If the net does not appear to catch you as you fall, allow what does to breach the surface to swallow you whole. Know that impatience, frustration and anything else that arises holds value, is worth noticing and learning how to handle. The universe has a greater plan for you and knows what it is doing. Listen to the gentle voices in your mind. Watch for signs and synchronicity. Trust in divine power and know you cannot choose incorrectly. Alternative Expressions: 1. Take baby steps, don’t focus on the big picture. Overwhelm will undermine your intentions. 2. Trust, trust, trust. All is happening step by step, as it should. 3. The intelligence of the universe streams through you. Step into the flow and watch how far you will go! 4. Don’t doubt that all is happening for a reason. What doesn’t make sense now, will later.

Make BelieveFANTASY Suit: internal Chakras: root, heart, throat Crystals: mahogany obsidian, stibnite Herbs: red clover, goldenseal Element: water. This backyard sees through and moves on. Are you stuck in a comfortable or uncomfortable attachment? What are you avoiding?  What are you running from? Do you wish things were different? Are you clinging to false hope or making poor choices? Message: You are fooling yourself. Although you may have built yourself a glamorous escape, it is based in illusion and cannot support your deeper, long-term desires. Your day-dreaming and wishing is holding you hostage. Accept the truth of the situation. There is value in your struggle but what you are seeking is already inside of you. Your projections are an extension of what has been forgotten within. Ask to remember the parts of yourself you’ve left behind. Alternative Expressions: 1. Focus on what is true now, not on what may or may not become true later. 2. Pull back. Let the flame burn out. You manipulate yourself. 3. Remember yourself. Do not stay lost in the dream. Strong emotions can be deceptive. 4. Relax. The situation will resolve itself. Let it.

Gentle DreamFORGIVENESS Suit: shift Chakras: solar plexus, heart Crystals: apache tear, rose quartz Herbs: lemon balm, aloe vera Element: water. This cherry tree gives you your life back. Do you fear you’ll be left out? Do you feel guilt or shame? Are you angry at yourself or another? Are you feeling hurt or wronged? Are the voices in your head mean, punishing or harsh? What would your higher self do? Message: See yourself reflected in others. No matter how challenging this feels, it is the only way. Find out how you are participating in the wound. Only you can pull yourself out. Open to the receptive energy of the heart to forgive, bless and connect. Know that everyone experiences pain and sorrow and that others do only what has been done to them. When we are able to share loving compassion in the face of pain, the pain lessens and our common humanity, humility and gratitude surfaces and shines. Show up with softness. Seek to understand your opponent. Let this intention be your contribution. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are free to love. Do not expect anything in return or it  isn’t pure love you offer. Accept your limitations and those of others. 2. If your heart is ready to serve, ask how you can. Reach out. Make amends. Ask what you can give, not what you can get. 3. Be mindful of leaking energy on those who are not ready to receive you. Keep yourself contained. Know your limits and practice boundary. If you aren’t full within, do not offer yourself to others. 4. BE the way of the heart. No need to speak about it, unless it is called for.

Brave HaloFREEDOM Suit: external Chakras: heart, solar plexus Crystals: citrine, yellow labradorite Herbs: St. John’s Wort, sweetgrass Element: fire. This flower lifts and brightens. Are you filled with worries or sadness? Are you codependent to another’s negativity? Are you feeling confused or hopeless? Can you breathe easy? Message: Eliminate negative energies and self-doubt. Breathe in joy and a lightness of heart to every bone, muscle and nerve. Feel the fresh air. Give your worries to the angels. Receive all the love you were born with and meant to have. Lift out of the story you are telling yourself and into a bright open space where all you need to do is breathe. Alternative Expressions: 1. All that matters is the quality of your inner state of  being. Focus on feeling well, independent and healthy first, then build the rest. 2. Congratulations! You have taken active strides and emerged successful. Enjoy your well-deserved, hard-earned glory. 3. Set boundaries so you can experience life fully. The integrity of the subject of your inquiry is suspect. You bind yourself to that which does not serve you. 4. Green light! Go boldly after your divine purpose with passion and strength of will. Your dream is unique, powerful, possible and needed. Let go of others who cannot see their reactivity and self-imposed limitations. It is not your job to do their inner work.

Pretty LightsGRATITUDE Suit: external Chakras: solar plexus, heart Crystals: desert rose, larimar Herbs: linden, oat straw Element: air. This lighted tree calms, centers and celebrates. Feeling tense, lonely or excluded? Needing to connect with or discover your soul community? Are you worthy of joy, friendship and love? Are you happy with what you have? Message: Find a deep appreciation for something, no matter how small. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t. Seek miracles in the mundane and joy in the simple. Throw a party and give gifts just because. Give hugs to all. Inner peace can sparkle delicately within, when we acknowledge, embrace and feel thanks for each experience we have. Alternative Expressions: 1. Say “thank you, more please.” 2. Celebrate! Dance, play, sing, share, hug, love, BE. You truly have everything you need in this moment. Walk with your head held high. 3. There is a time and place for celebration and release. There is a time and a place for self-discipline and work. Know the difference and when to seek balance. 4. Your humility will take you far but don’t let it become hiding from shining your light.

Earth SanctuaryGROUNDING Suit: internal Chakra: root Crystal: polychrome jasper, septarian Herbs: astragalus, osha root Element: earth. These stones slow down your thinking mind, connecting you to mother earth and a sense of inner peace. Feeling floaty, lost, distanced or as if your head is a balloon? Experiencing anxiety, nervousness or over-analytical thoughts? Feeling unstable or unsupported in any area of your life? Is your heart open? Are you connected with nature and your inner self? Does your environment support this? Perhaps an opportunity, relationship or environment is providing you with this support. Perhaps it isn’t? Message: You are one with our great Earth mother who is supporting and animating you with her gravitational force. You are worthy and complete simply because you exist. Explore your fears to better understand what lies beneath. Feeling whole and stable takes practice. Sit outside with at least your feet, if not your entire body on the ground. Take quiet time alone with nature to reflect and recharge. Alternative Expressions: 1. Bring sensation to your feet and lower chakras. Get as deep into your body as possible. Walk with the earth, not on top of it. 2. The opportunity in question will help you to ground deeper into your true self. Take it. 3. Warning: slow down before you float away or burn out. Your body desperately needs you to inhabit it and will get your attention one way or another. Lay flat on the earth and look at the sky for 20 minutes a day. 4. Seek to calm emotional overwhelm through communion with the dirt, trees, water bodies, wind. The earth spirits can heal you and guide you home.

Magic ForestHOPE Suit: shift Chakras: root, heart Crystals: chrysoprase, turquoise Herbs: motherwort, cayenne Element: fire. This sunset inspires hope for the future by being present in the now. Have repeating patterns held you back? Have you felt impatient, excluded, jealous of another or unworthy of love/success? Are you clinging to an experience? Message: Celebrate new beginnings! Spiritual progress has been made. You are attracting conscious community. Allow yourself to feel miracles, no matter how small. Fill yourself with love and gratitude for the amazing experiences you’ve had, are having and will continue to have. Trust more is coming and all is well. It is ok to feel happy with what you have. It is ok to ask for more and trust you will receive what you ask for. Alternative Expressions: 1. The truth of who you are is revealed. Take up space. Connect with others who see you. Expand. Live! 2. Do not doubt. Your expectations of what, how and when may rob you of the abundance of this, here and now. 3. Oh! What a wonder it all could be. If we believe we will never receive, we stay locked in limiting belief. Do not struggle and resist. Do not depress. Blow life into the wind and be free within. You are possible. You are limitless. Remember yourself. 4. Whether you understand it yet or not, you have everything you have ever asked for. Spirit asks you to acknowledge this with an open heart so you may give back in equal measure.

Country SkyINSPIRATION Suit: shift Chakra: solar plexus, heart, throat Crystals: golden healer, blue tourmaline Herbs: matcha, sandalwood  Element: air. This midday sun awakens your soul to the present moment, where all creation begins. Are you feeling stagnant, bored, useless, distracted or down? Have you forgotten what vacation feels like? Are you ready to show up with love in your heart? Are you excited to be here? Are you witnessing the beauty around you in this very moment  moment? Message: Joy, creativity, universal consciousness, freedom and love exist within you at all times. Remember, it is who you really are. Find beauty in the details of the space you’re in. Feel gratitude for all you have. Witness the miracle that you are, and that are all around you, all the time. All you need to do is breathe. Alternative Expressions: 1. All is exactly as it should be. Drop any stories you may be telling yourself and trust in the creation of your existence. 2. Discipline yourself to actively cultivate a present state of being. If things look bad, check your perspective. If they look good, they are.  3. Do not get lost in negative emotion or the illusions of others. What brilliance there is for you alone when you stand still and breathe! Learn this lesson and alignment will follow. It is okay to repeat lessons. This is how they are learned. Reconstruct notions of failure to this truth. 4. Do not attempt to control or manipulate. Stay neutral and observe what is working. It will guide you.

Snow LampINTIMACY Suit: internal Chakras: root, sacral Crystals: tangerine quartz, snow quartz Herbs: hibiscus, damiana Element: earth. This landscape comforts and softly awakens. Feeling disconnected to or angry with your body? Having trouble connecting emotionally or physically with others? Is a fear of being vulnerable keeping you separate? Do you feel authentically and unconditionally loved and witnessed by yourself and by others?  Message: It is okay to feel safe. It is okay to feel unsafe. If you have experienced any kind of personal trauma or loss, it is normal to have difficulty connecting honestly and holistically with the self and with others. Experiencing true intimacy requires a practice of deep courage to see and be seen by another without any need to control what you or they see, judge or experience. This can be a lifelong path and nothing to feel shameful about. Honor your truth and in return, honor others without taking any of it personally. Although if you find yourself taking things personally, that is okay too. Healing takes time. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are free to feel, remember and forgive. Self, meet self. Find safety and warmth within. 2. How we experience any relationship we have is reflective of the one we are cultivating with our self. Be your own best friend. 3. If repressed memories, old patterns are or other pain or trauma is surfacing, grieve but don’t isolate yourself. Ask for support. 4. Don’t force yourself to be ready before you are. But if you are, let the right person or situation in. Let them teach you the lessons your soul is calling in.

Indigo PlushINTUITION Suit: internal Chakra: third eye Crystals: siberian blue quartz, azurite Herb: green tea Wood: Palo Santo Element: air. This secret room holds the deep secrets of the universe within its folds. What do you know to be true? What truth may you be avoiding? Do you trust yourself? When you receive a gut feeling, how do you respond? Are you paying attention? What could the friendly universe be trying to tell you? Message: Explore your curiosity, check in with the voices in your head, the feelings in your body and in your heart. Listen and adjust your actions to respond to what your body, mind and heart are saying. Act as if you are a scientist and learn to observe yourself with curiosity. Trust in your own truth, your own understanding of mysticism and check in with yourself often. If your head is in the clouds, make sure you can feel your feet on the ground. Alternative Expressions: 1. You know what you know when you know. But remember to lean into your questions. There is always more to be revealed. 2. Your knowing is clear. Do not hesitate or doubt yourself. The door is unlocked. You are encouraged to proceed. 3. You are a clear channel. Ask for what you want to know with your heart. The answers are already within you or will be downloaded as you open to them. 4. Don’t be swayed by outside opinion. Sit with your knowing and keep your plans to yourself for now. You are still collecting information and will know when it is time to act.

ScintillationLONGING Suit: internal Chakras: root, heart, throat Crystals: black moonstone, galena Tree: cedar Herb: nettle Element: water. These lights on the water call you back to yourself. Do you feel separated from your soul family or misunderstood by those around you? Are you experiencing feelings of abandonment or loss? Is there a life you wish to create calling you home? Are you carrying a dream in your heart which has yet to manifest? Does your current situation feel ‘off’, or as if you should be creating or doing something else? Message: Trust your instincts but allow what is to be a perfect part of your experience. No lesson is wasted and if the desire is present and spirit aligns, the opportunity for change will present itself. Keep your energy grounded and intentions clear. Don’t let anyone pull you away from what you know to be true for yourself. Additionally, be conscious of any false impulse for things you do not currently have distracting you from enjoying what you have in the present. Your power always lies in the now. Alternative Expressions: 1. The grass may or may not be greener on the other side. Instead, recognize the emerald sparkle inside your own infinite heart. 2. Your current situation may very well be ready to be replaced with a brand new reality. The past and the lessons surrounding it have been exhausted. It’s time to seek out new horizons and those who can support your growth. You deserve it. 3. Do not drown in negative emotion. This is a self-constructed mirage of despair, causing you unnecessary suffering. That being said, trust your instincts and move forward. Do not give up. Stay hopeful. Things will change.4. An unconscious desire to be rescued will trap you in helplessness. You are strong and powerful and can achieve your dreams. Do not cling to fantastical ideas. They will not sustain you, YOU will.

Moon RoomLOVE Suit: external Chakra: heart Crystals: prehnite with epidote, ruby Herbs: lavender, rose Element: earth. This evening loves all things unconditionally. Are you holding on to something or someone? Are you willing to give the present moment all your love and attention without worrying about what you’ll receive in return? Are you setting healthy boundaries? Are you demanding all or nothing? Message: Be love for no other reason than it is what you are. Unconditional love means accepting what is and letting go of attachment to outcome and what isn’t working. It is celebration of this. Love is being alone. Love doesn’t require external validation.  Love is compassionate and without forceful effort, can destruct what is false. Love is fierce yet neutral, crushing yet brilliant. It is our breath. Love is in everything, if we find it within ourselves first. Love is in ‘what is’. Love what is. Alternative Expressions: 1. Check your ulterior motives, projections and requirements. Ask yourself what needs must be met for you to accept things as they are and see how these limits are self-imposed. 2. Love is returning to you. Your acts of service have been received. In humble gratitude, continue paying it forward. 3. If you are stuck in blame or codependency, give yourself what you gave away. You have permission to take your self back. 4. Allow love to come to you. You need not chase what is already within. Rest your heart on what you have.  

Blood MoonMATERIALIZATION Suit: external Chakras: root, sacral Crystals: black obsidian, bloodstone Tree: spruce Resin: dragon’s blood Element: earth. The blood moon gives you what you want. Are you witnessing, receiving and celebrating your wins? In what ways have you arrived? Are you showing up? Message: Miracles are manifesting around you now. The sky has opened up and the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds may be thin for you at this time. Notice the messages, dreams and gifts you have received and are receiving. The more you practice awe and gratitude, the more you will recognize all the incredible changes and benefits you are integrating. Know all is well and in a cycle of completion. Everything you need to move forward is being created around you constantly, whether you can fully grasp it in this moment or not.  Alternative Expressions: 1. Whoa. The force is with you! Let the will of the divine create and destroy as it deems necessary. 2. Things might be happening so fast, you are struggling to process. Be the ocean under the wave. 3. Be bold in asking for what you want to appear by seeing what is needed and serving the situation from your heart. Do not be derailed from your path. Every lesson gets you closer. You have the power to succeed. 4. It is all happening in the moment. Activate sensation within the in and out breaths. Count your blessings. Experience the wisdom you have cultivated. Welcome the gifts reality is offering you.

Universal QuestMEDITATION Suit: shift Chakras: third eye, crown Crystals: rainbow moonstone, selenite Herb: gotu kola Resin: copal Element: air. These rainbows are windows to a timeless state. Are you practicing self-awareness and connecting with spirit? Are you grounded yet looking up? Are you committed to your practice? Message: Allow all that is. Have faith in a friendly universe. Connect with the divine power within. Channel conscious energy through the breath. Bring body, mind and spirit to your practice. Know that this is the way to freedom. The more you practice your relationship with this universal, loving force, the more you will grow and feel whole. Lessons now may be leading you to this or reminding you to attend to it. Everything is okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Alternative Expressions: 1. Focus, relax and your meditations will be effective. 2. Self-discipline is necessary if you desire results. Keep at it. 3. Be mindful of getting lost in thought, imagination and projection. Keep sensation in the body. 4. Don’t try so hard or be hard on yourself. Accept your thinking mind will never shut up and it will.

Granny’s GardenMEMORY Suit: internal Chakras: heart, third eye Crystals: ammonite, jade Herb: mugwort Mushroom:  lion’s mane Element: water. This hydrangea connects our past with our present. Do you miss someone or something? Are you feeling forgetful? Are there repeating patterns, symbols, or concepts in your relationships, dreams or experiences? Do you feel protected and nourished? What is the nature of your past relationships or childhood memories? Message: Make peace with your past. Redefine the meaning of home and family. Seek solace in fond memories of joy, tenderness and connection. What might your memories, dreams and guides be trying to tell you? Know that everyone and everything in every dream you have is a part of yourself. Practice acceptance. Alternative Expressions: 1. Just because it’s forgotten doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Seek to uncover what you’re missing so you may move forward intact and whole. Your family may hold the key. 2. Healing is happening with past lives, past selves and within your blood line. Ask for any energy which does not serve the highest good to exit and for your ancestors and guides to make their presence known. Call on them now. They desire to assist you on your path. 3. Attempt to remember your dreams. Listen and observe signs and synchronicity. Write down associations with symbols to get clear about their meaning. 4. Don’t let the past hold you back. Deconstruct how you are not them but they are also reflections of parts of you. You need not hold onto patterns from your parents, ex’s, childhood or ancestry. Identify what is yours and what's not to carry forward. Boundaries are internal too.

Long HighwayPATIENCE Suit: internal Chakras: root, throat Crystals: celestite, howlite Herbs: camomile, slippery elm Element: earth. The view out the window settles you down while you wait. Are you longing for something or someone to be revealed? Is there an underlying sense of desperation or urgency? Are you willing to sit in radical acceptance of your experience? Message: Everything will occur and be solved in divine right timing. The how and the when are not yours to control. In the meantime, you are asked to sit back and enjoy the journey, no matter how dull or painful. This is the time to allow yourself to take in small pleasures, focusing on the simplest joys of the moment. Know that the lessons once learned will renew and redeem you and the glory and truth you yearn to live in are coming but you must rest your needing to know in order to move through to the other side. Alternative Expressions: 1. The road may be longer than you like but this is in perfect alignment with what is needed. Focus on what can you achieve in the silent, in-between moments. Meditation and dreaming will deepen connection and lead to future planning. 2. Our mental timelines do not always resonate with the rhythms of the earth. Step aside and enjoy the passing of time without projecting expectation. Use this time wisely to brainstorm, plan and research. Approach agreements and partnerships with encouragement, kindness and active intentions but pace yourself. 3. You may be waiting too long to take action. Step out of the safe zone of passivity and do what is needed, no matter how uncomfortable. 4. Be childlike in your daydreaming as a practice of joyful acceptance but do not bypass reality. Wake up, show up and state your needs.

StarstruckPERSPECTIVE Suit: shift Chakras: all, third eye Crystals: labradorite, apatite Herbs: cardamom, albizia mimosa Element: air. This starscape instills a reserved awe and humility of ego. Do you feel disconnected from the bigger picture? Are old emotional patterns keeping you stuck? Have you lost touch with your highest priorities or how you really want to feel? How are you serving others? How are you serving yourself? Are you playing the victim? Do you believe you are owed something? Message: Learning to receive requires humility and a practice of gratitude. Take a step back to refocus on what you have, not what you don’t. See things how they are, not how you fear them to be. The universe is always supporting you, even if you can’t see how. When we identity with a not-enough or lack mentality, we can block ourselves from seeing the beauty in the present moment. It is okay to let go of the need to control stories and outcomes. Let the universe do the organizing. We are all in this together. Although we must honor every part of our experience as okay, feeling alone and left out is an illusion based in limited belief. Alternative Expressions: 1. It is time to step back and allow the magic of the universe to give you what you need. Let go of the details. Your resistance doesn’t stand a chance. Experience the expansion that surprise, change and even shock offers. 2. You are learning the truth about something big. Receive this with awe and an abundant mentality. If your mind is blown from a reality check, take time to integrate. Repair your state before taking further action. Overwhelm and confusion signifies a need to rest. 3. Don’t push things to go a certain way. Let the universe do its job. Seek compassion for self and other. Be empowered now and leave your victimhood behind. There is no shame in this. 4. If you’re disappointed with an outcome or have been waiting for something to come to fruition that hasn’t, don’t despair. Practice patience and non-attachment.

Electric FieldPOWER Suit: external Chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus Crystals: shiva lingam, red jasper Herbs: maca, rhodiola Element: fire. This sunset wakes you up to your inner desires and ability to bring them into physical reality. Do you feel visible? Are you able to set boundaries with your emotions, time and energy? Do you procrastinate, make excuses or hide your truest self? Are you feeling assertive and ready?Is a major project, relationship or experience about to change or take off? Message: Go big.  Bring your flame to the party. Show them what you got. Know who you are and what you have to offer. Make it happen. You are confident, visible and acceptable just as you are. Let go of shame and resistance. Don’t hold back from being authentically you. Alternative Expressions: 1. Be bold. Everything is set up as it should be for you to show up and show off. 2. Know that true power comes from accepting what is, not forcing what you think should be. Exercise this knowledge and you will be successful. 3. Denial of personal power lies in unworthiness and fear of vulnerability. Challenge limiting beliefs, take action and be seen. Even if you fail in the short term, it will be exactly what is needed. 4. Second guessing yourself isn’t helping. Don’t worry about what others think. Others’ opinions have absolutely nothing to do with you. Understand that success lies in the courageous act of being yourself, not in receiving external validation.

Astro CallPRAYER Suit: internal Chakras: crown Crystals: herkimer diamond, ulexite Tree: aspen Resin: frankincense Mushroom: Reishi Element: air. This moonset calls upon all forces for guidance and unity. Is there anything you feel you could use help with? Are you feeling alone or lost? Are you curious or experiencing connection with spirit guides? Are you in awe with natural forces? Message: Ask for star medicine, your higher self, guides, ancestors or ascended masters for assistance, clarification, protection and love. All forces in the universe respond to the power of free will. It is ok and it is useful to ask for help. Know that you are never alone and that all prayers are heard and answered. Be patient and trust that all is well in divine time. Alternative Expressions: 1. Communicate with your guides, commune with the earth. Your connection to the unseen is seen in nature and is potent and available. 2. Your prayers are being answered and soon. Expect your desires to manifest in the seen world, if they haven’t already. 3. Your guides are always listening, always here. You need not worry that your voice is not heard. It is loud and clear. Trust. You are safe. 4. Beauty surrounds you in the natural world. Relish it. Let your connection to the earth be your living prayer.      

Twin PondsRELATIONSHIP Suit: external Chakras: solar plexus, heart Crystals: smoky citrine, rhodonite Herbs: rosemary, nutmeg Element earth. This park celebrates the environment, community and brings joy to the heart. How are your relationships? Is your community supporting you? Are you surrounded by people and a living situation which inspires you and lifts you up? Are you connected with and grounded in your life? Are you grieving the loss of someone or something? Message: You may be called to move on from any past or present relationships or situations that are troubling. Let other people’s problems be their own. You deserve a life that truly supports you, but to receive it you must let go of attachment to control and to being controlled. Set boundaries with energy vampires and check your own neediness. Practice self-discipline and self-love simultaneously. As you fill up, serve. As you serve, receive. Ease and abundance is yours.Volunteer for or donate to an organization you are passionate about Get to know your neighbors. Ask questions. Educate yourself on your ancestral patterns. Deal with your reality fully and with ultimate compassion and zest for life. Challenge yourself to do what feels uncomfortable. Put the inner critic back seat driver in the back seat. You drive. Picnic or take a walk with a loved one in nature. Channel the freedom of love to the trees, the hills, the homes, the parks and celebrate this day in bliss, no matter how mundane the terrain. The present is all you have and it is where you choose to give up your small self and become greater. You are worthy of making a massive impact. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are worthy of equal companionship. If it isn’t working, detach. If it is, enjoy standing in your power.  2. Form and sustain bonds with those who can see and support your highest intentions. Act on instinct. You are creating an environment where it’s safe to trust others who support your true self.  3. Emotional attachment or reactivity to relationships or situations may be unconscious. Become aware of your patterns. Observe judgements and see yourself in others for better or worse. 4. Do not do the work of others. Don’t let them do yours. Be fair and wary of codependence.

Plant SpiritsREMEDY Suit: internal Chakra: heart Crystals: green calcite, lemurian seed crystal Herb: echinacea Resin: gum benzoin Element: earth. This greenhouse heals from the inside out. Do you feel lost, self-doubting, scattered, ill or misunderstood? Have you allowed the stresses of others or your environment to toxify your mind, body or spirit? Do you need for nothing? Message: You have the power to heal yourself.  You may have simply forgotten to utilize your toolkit. The earth and spirit worlds are abundant with infinite ways to heal and dimensions to tap into and be guided by. Call on your remembering, your wisdom, your learned skills and go to the mountain in your heart. Be it a specific type of meditation, a connection with the tree spirits, fairy, crystal, angelic or star realms, or simply the knowing that nature is nurture, you are called to depend on this medicine now and be led back to the light. Alternative Expressions: 1. You have support beyond your wildest dreams. Do not forget that you are made of divinity and magic. You embody the stars. 2. Call on your guides. They are standing by, ready and waiting to assist. Drop any emotional weight or energetic baggage of others. 3. How do you connect to the unseen? Ask for your realms of aid to be revealed to you. 4. You have the help you need and will be guided. Pay attention. Watch for signs.

RainforestRESPONSIBILITY Suit: shift Chakras: root, solar plexus Crystals: sodalite, charoite Herbs: atractylodes, elder Element: earth. This forest brings grace to taking on what is necessary. Are you resisting the work at hand? Are you making up excuses? Do you fear you will fail? Are you willing to show up and be present with what feels hard and uncomfortable? Can you be the adult yet continue to hold space for the inner child? Message: Let go of running away for you are running in circles. There is inner work to be done and when we don’t show up for ourselves, we cannot show up for others. We all must grow up in uncomfortable ways but this does not mean we must become bitter, bored, tired or unfulfilled. This  process can be joyful. Facing your fears will bring stability and new beginnings. Life doesn’t stop being exciting when we are forced to face ourselves. In fact, it can be quite the adventure, but we must walk through the door of difficulty. We must allow ourselves to do the work or we will continue running in circles until we do. Alternative Expressions: 1. You know what must be done. There is no other way. Bring in the utmost compassion to self and other that you can muster. It will ease the strain and pain of bringing truth to light. The only way forward is through. 2. If you don’t do the work, the universe will do it for you. It may be more difficult this way but it is what is needed, if you cannot act. 3. The patterns which run underneath your resistance are worth paying attention to. They hold keys to your evolution. 4. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place, as they say. Accept ‘what is’ as the greatest lesson possible for your soul’s growth and move on as needed.

Soft MorningREST Suit: internal Chakra: sacral, solar plexus Crystal: Oregon opal, aragonite Herbs: ashwagandha, magnolia bark Element: water. This sunrise glows with soft, healing energy to balance and revive your system. Are you burning the candle at both ends? Are you too hard on yourself? Are you unable to concentrate? Are you healing from relationship or struggling to create boundaries? Are you spending your energy on constructive or destructive forces? Message: Go easy on yourself. Take time out from the busyness and chaos of modern life. On the flip-side, notice if you are unable to participate due to fear, exhaustion or distraction. What does your body, mind, spirit need? Focus your attention on giving yourself the kind of love you need, whether it be sleep, sex, meditation, activity or connection to nature. Do not let any negative inner or outer voice dictate the decision to treat yourself well. Alternative Expressions: 1. The physical body needs attention, exercise, rest, celebration and love. You are correct to take time off from the daily grind. 2. Don’t be hard on yourself. This includes not beating yourself up for beating yourself up. Give yourself permission to indulge in self-nourishment. 3. A hidden need is aching to be met. Discover what you desire and dream about it. Sleep on it. Call it in. Unconscious wishes must be expressed but don’t overindulge. Some fantasies are meant only for dreaming. 4. Discern between hiding (fear) and resting (love). Action is required. Move from pause to play.

Dear ForestSHADOWS Suit: internal Chakras: root, heart Crystals: nuummite, tourmalated or phantom quartz Herbs: sage, agrimony Element: earth. This tree grove uncovers density to be released. Unexplainable fear or anxiety? Repeating patterns which don’t serve you? Is there a part of you which feels disconnected or that you may not want to face? Is there a past memory or person that consistently brings up negative emotion? Message: The things that bring discomfort are rising to be seen. No matter how painful, facing the issue will ultimately bring release and relief. This does not mean you should take action that feels dangerous but rather that it is ok to be kind and compassionate with yourself throughout your experience. You are worth it. You are of  divinity. Witness and sit with the pain as you fill yourself up with compassion and sensation in the body. Practice this process daily and know that no effort is wasted. Do not be a victim of illusion. No fear can resist the truth and light of love forever but we must allow the pain to be present as our medicine. Our way through to the other side is paved with the teachings of our suffering. Alternative Expressions: 1. Congratulations! You are ready to make great change. The time has come to move through the deep patterns which have caused you pain. Welcome fear but with a sense of its place. Know it lacks wholeness and that by nature, you are whole. This process will lead to rebirth. 2. The pain holds the key. Bear the pain with full body sensation, as often as possible. It will release its grasp upon an understanding of internal alignment and practice of acceptance within. Your true self is not resentful, guilty, addicted, victimized, depressed, isolated or lost. These are all states of identification and can be shed with intention and commitment. You are stardust, worthy of all wonders. 3. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Keep working, you are being lead to glory and grace. 4. Don’t hesitate to practice self-discipline and to suffer with intention. Work to understand the difference between this and the suffering that is unnecessary. The clarity will help you on your path.  

Evergreen GuardiansSOLITUDE Suit: internal Chakras: root, heart Crystal: black tourmaline, fenster quartz Tree: douglas fir Herb: Anjelica Element: water. This moonset heals the child within. Are you avoiding a part of yourself or your experience? Are you taking time out to care for yourself? Are you spending time alone to connect and heal? Message: Get to know the part of yourself you may be rejecting. Tell this person you love them and see them and honor them. Tell them it’s ok to feel the way they do. Take time out to recharge, reflect and strengthen any part of yourself that needs attention. Bond with nature, listen to music, make art, seek solace in retreat. Strengthen your spirit of independence by reveling in a secure cocoon. Alternative Expressions: 1. Solo vision quests are where the gold is at. Revel in the abundance of the universe. 2. Detach from needing others to be around in order for you to feel safe.Going inward offers gifts of inspiration connection, magic and healing. Take this reminder seriously if you desire wholeness. 3. Companionship on your journey is recommended at this time. Don’t isolate yourself. Sharing joyful experience will fill you up. 4. Time off of work, social media, socializing, and engaging outwardly will serve your soul. The tree spirits are calling you to the forest. Your creative spirit needs nourishment. Even if you share this experience with others, remember that you are the guardian of your inner world.

Magic HouseSTABILITY Suit: internal Chakra: root, solar plexus Crystal: pyrite, shungite Tree: pine Herbs: dandelion, horsetail Element: earth. This home delivers you to your future free from harm. Feeling disconnected or overwhelmed? Unsure of yourself? Unstable, fearful or lost? Have you lost touch with your sense of purpose or are you worried the universe won't provide the things you need? Have you recently started over? Are you building a new foundation? Message: Practice gratitude for your community. Dream big and fly far but know your roots. Grow your own foundation. Focus your attention on making baby steps toward your goal, celebrating each along the way. You are divinely supported and protected in your choices and free to make the life you see for yourself, regardless of how others may perceive it. Alternative Expressions: 1. You are building your future. The foundation is in place. Don’t second guess yourself. Keep moving forward. 2. Seek out those who can support your vision. Don’t bother with negative opinions. They may distract you from trusting your intuition. If this happens, accept it as necessary and stabilize the foundation before before building up. 4. Confidence comes from knowing safety within, in the face of fear. Embody the home you dream of.

Sit SpotSURRENDER Suit: shift Chakra: solar plexus Crystal: serpentine Herbs: yarrow, oregano Element: fire. This portal reminds you nothing is separate. Are you afraid something is broken inside you or that you are not enough? Are you trying too hard to figure it out or gripping tightly to a false structure? Can you forgive yourself for being imperfect? Message: You are the friendly universe. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is left behind. Everything is connected and you are complete. The wound you have carried is releasing and higher sensitive energies are integrating into your field. You are divinely guided to live in the truth you hold deep inside of you. Let go of believing you do not deserve health, wealth and total happiness. You are in charge of your life. This part of the journey is yours alone and you must claim it. Release your fears, hold up your sword, put down your shield and allow your resistance to die the death it must so you may be reborn. Let your radiance shine through the cracks in the old ways and beam through your physical body, like sunshine through trees. Alternative Expressions: 1. You can cease forcing, controlling, upholding, and withstanding. Let the dam break. Be and feel well and whole simply because you are alive. 2. The many spirit guides who surround you in love call you home to yourself. Listen with your body, your soul. Open your being to God within and let yourself be carried. 3. If you are unraveling into emotional depths, dry your eyes and redirect to what is good and lighter weight. Sinking deeper into identification without sensation present in the body will deplete your vitality. Lift yourself up and out. You are held. 4. Now is the perfect time for contemplation in nature. Do not overthink and tune out, but rather tune in, listen and learn. Mother Earth, she holds the answers to the puzzles of the sky.

Dream CycleTRANSITION Suit: shift Chakra: solar plexus Crystal: rutilated quartz, sunstone Herb: Thyme Resin: myrrh Element: fire. These autumn leaves uplift disappointment and bring acceptance and beauty to life’s transitions. Are you resisting change? Do you fear what’s coming? Message: Let go and allow all to be okay as it is. If you are undergoing any changes, or have recently become aware that a situation has shifted outside of your control, know it’s okay to release trying to fix or change it back. Whatever is happening has already happened. Let the dust settle  and bring awareness to the daily choices, blessings and beautiful moments you are able to influence. By accepting the transition with grace and compassion for all you have lost and gratitude for what you have gained, you can begin to receive a new reality that is full of its very own infinite possibilities. Alternative Expressions: 1. Open the window and welcome the new! You are about to start fresh. Embrace it. 2. You are moving quickly through the shift. Don’t hold onto what is past. It no longer serves you. 3. You have a few details left to attend to. They are important. Don’t skip over these. Their value will become more apparent later. 4. You do not need to continue on this path. Move in a different direction because guess what? You can!